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Wedding Leftovers - Must Go!

09 September 2010 - 04:46 PM

Well...my wedding was May 8, 2010 and I guess it's time I part with my leftovers. 


These prices do not include the shipping....shoot me an email with your zip code and I'll send you a price for shipping. 




24 raffia fans - purchased from Oriental Trading 

Will sell as needed for $.85 each or all together for $15.00.....just send me an email.





100 yards of turquoise tulle - Never Used







Pink Garter - Never Used






Shell Frame - Never Used







That's it for now.....That's all I have come across.  Send me an email on here and let me know if you're interested.  

In Need Of Your Help!! Opinions on Company Name

24 March 2010 - 10:48 AM

I recently started taking orders for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets. I have a few names I have in mind but can't seem to get it down to just one. Please help me make this decision. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I've been gone so long!!!

06 November 2009 - 03:47 PM

Okay....so, I've been absent from the forum for quite some time now....we've been super busy these last few months. But I wanted to touch base and let you guys know what's been going on.

Were to start....I guess lets start with us moving BACK in with my parents....WOW....not fun. We decided it was time to start looking for a house about three months prior to our lease running up at our current apartment. We turned in our notice and started to look...we put offers on 6 houses at different times and got outbid or our offer wasn't accepted at all! I was an emotional wreck because I thought it would never happen. Every house we put a bid on I thought, "THIS IS THE ONE!" But turns out God didn't think so. We found house #7 at the beginning of September and our lease was up towards the end of September. We put an offer on the house and waited....and waited....and waited.....packed up our apartment and put it into storage and moved in with my mom, step-dad, and step-brother, 7 people in a 3 bedroom house....NOT FUN! Well, we finally heard back from the seller, they accepted our offer! YAY, right? WRONG. we went back and forth for two weeks about what they would and wouldn't pay for at closing. Well...we finally agreed on everything and were set to close on October 30th.
The 26th of October the seller stated they didn't get everything in time and so closing was pushed back to November 5th. Pretty fast closing if you ask me. We are officially homeowners and start renovations TOMORROW! Since I know we ALL love pictures....here is a picture of our new home.

Click the image to open in full size.
Sorry the bad quality...the siding is acutally perfect...kinda looks warped in the picture...LOL.