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Paradise Village Review

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We checked into Paradise Village around 2:00 - or should I say we tried to check in. The room they gave us had two double beds. Of course double beds was not an option so we asked for another room with a king and pull out couch (which is what we reserved in the first place). They had a room available, with a king, but it would cost us an additional $40 a night.


I was hot, tired and just wanted to rest so we agreed to take the room. I worked in the hotel industry for many years and never heard of anyone paying additional for what is a standard king. The view didn't change and I honestly feel like we got the bait and switch. While standing at the check in desk, I heard another front desk clerk tell another guest that the price that was agreed upon for whatever service she needed was now $20 more dollars a night. She also agreed but didn't sound too happy about it either.


Needless to say I was very disappointed in this and thus left a bad taste in my mouth the time we were there. The rooms were very clean and were very nice. Marble countertops and stainless appliances. Housekeeping did a wonderful job and even did our dishes! Of course we always tipped our maid. The food was overpriced. We paid $50 for two hot dogs and fries, and two club sandwiches and fries 1 water and a diet coke. They do have a grocery store there , but it too was overpriced. We did spend a lot of money at the grocery store but usually just bought breakfast items and snacks. At the little strip mall where the grocery store was, they have a coffee shop, Mc Donalds, Dominoes and Subway. There are also some other little trinket and botique type shops. The bellmen were nice and the taxi service was great. The cab prices were posted so we knew what to expect for cabs.


The main pool was crowded most of the time. The beach was nice and our daughter loved the boogie boards. Overall it was a nice hotel, but I would not stay there again. They didn't post their activities like they say on the website. I wanted to take the kids to see the sea turtles at night, but never found any information on that. They did try to get us to buy a timeshare. We declined and they still gave us a coupon for four free drinks.


We ate dinner there one night and it was okay. Nothing great. There were a lot of Americans at this hotel. They also had in room safes which were very nice to have!

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