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I’m planning my destination wedding in Cancun. I want to do it at Hyatt Ziva Cancun and my fiancé and I just booked a trip there. I’ve been trying to contact someone to book a wedding tour while we’re there but I haven’t been able to contact anyone. Does anyone know an email address to contact them? Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Jessicaallie,

TA Wendy here! You have chosen a great resort! I love love love this resort! It is in such a great location, and has a happy fun feel to the whole property.. Plus I love their gazebo, I think it is the prettiest location in the entire area!

If you need some help with securing your group block on the rooms, and/or you just have any questions about the process in general, we are here to help and have worked with this property many times!

Happy booking!

TA Wendy

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