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Cabo San Lucas Wedding Fall 2017

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Hello All!


New to the forum! I was recently engaged (12/23/2016) and I am now in planning mode! I never realized how much you have to decide on before you can even start to think about actual wedding things! Ahhhh!


So we have decided on destination! Our family is all spread out and either way, a lot of people will have to fly to where we are located now, so we figured...why not! We LOVE Cabo San Lucas and have decided on Cabo for our location, but I have NO idea where to start on resorts. I am still in the very early beginning stages of this but already I'm feeling the pressure!  :wacko:

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welcome Mimi. I am a cabo bride also :)


what type of event are you envisioning? beach wedding, chapel?


Legal? symbolic?


small or big?


kids or no kids?

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Congratulations!! I too was engaged in December (but 2015!), and had a fall wedding last November in Cabo San Lucas.Such an exciting time for you and your fiance!!


If you can squeeze it in your budget, I HIGHLY recommend a site visit to Cabo before nailing down your venue. It's soooo important!!! Photos can be deceiving! You can also book your tastings with a few bakeries to sample their cakes. My maid of honor and I visited Cabo last January over a 4-day weekend and visited several resorts, private villas, and even restaurants (to scope out rehearsal dinner options). In the end, I realized that seeing/feeling the venues is an absolute MUST prior to signing that contract. There were resorts I fell in love online and honestly thought they were a top competitor, yet in the end I thought "thank goodness I came to visit!" 


If you decide to book a site visit, many resorts will offer a discount if they know you're a potential client and have a site visit scheduled. Normally the coordinator will set up the discount for you. I had mine set up with Hacienda Encatada but stayed at their sister resort Marina Fiesta since it was cheaper, plus close to the night life!


As for resorts, it will vary greatly on your preferred area and budget. Would you like to stay on the Pacific side near los Arcos, or near Medano Beach (the only swimmable beach near Downtown Cabo) or would you like to be further away from the nightlight and stay in the Cabo del Sol area? There are also a line of resorts not far from the airport. It would be easiest to know the location you and the groom prefer, prior to hunting for a resort...there are way too many!! 


Below I noted my tops during my visit:


Pacific Side - Pueblo Bonito Pacifica & Grand Solmar Land's End (The Resort of Pedgral is amazing if you have a generous budget in mind!)


Medano Beach - honestly, no resorts really caught my interest. Great thing about the resorts Pueblo Bonito Pacifica & Grand Solmar Lands end, is they are resort chains, so if your wedding takes place at PB Pacifica (adults only resort), your guests have the option of staying at any of their other Pueblo Bonito sister resorts along Medano Beach. Shuttle is free! Same thing goes for Grand Solmar. Casa Dorada was actually one of the resorts that was at the top of my list but didn't care for it in the end since Mango Deck (popular bar) is located right next door and rather loud during a ceremony (which I witnessed during my visit).


Cabo del Sol area - The Cape and Grande Fiesta Americana - but if your budget allows the ESPERANZA no question about it!! Hacienda Encatada is nearby, but it was rather old feeling and not what I expected (it was initally at the top of my list) 


Further away from downtown Cabo/closer to San Jose del Cabo you'll find Dreams, Hyatt Ziva, La Ventanas al Paraiso, One & Only Palmilla. 


Cabo del Sol golf course was the choice we almost went with after my maid of honor and I fell in love with it the moment we arrived! 


Many brides also opt to have their weddings at private estates/villas or restaurants like Sunset Mona Lisa (beautiful view!)


Hope this helps! :)

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