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Hello everyone!


I am desperately trying to find a venue to host my 100 guests for a casual welcome dinner/reception. We are looking to stay under 5k. We would like something different than beachfront because our wedding reception will be beach front. We are thinking a casual taco place, a place we can rent and get catered tacos/buffet, or some passed hors d'doeuvres on a rooftop or somewhere unique. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, thank you!!! 


- PDC bride


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Welcome to our forum community hopechest and Congrats on your upcoming PdC wedding!!!


You've chosen an amazing location in PdC, and one that's super popular with Lots of wedding couples coming to our magnificent Mayan Riviera - great choice!

Which resort have you selected for your wedding? There's a wonderful rooftop area at Azul Fives, as you can see in the wedding reception we captured there....possibly they'd be open to a welcome reception as well. Here are some images of what we're talking about to show you ......from our Azul Fives Wedding Story Album:





Hope you find the perfect place you're looking for. Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!

Moments That Matter Photography team :)

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@@hopechest we do agree with @@DreamArtPhotography those are some great restuarant to look into,


In addition check this rooftop http://www.thepalmatplaya.com/weddings-events/default-en.html 

its right in the center of playa del carmen. they do quite a lot of rehearsal dinners or cocktails.


Happy Planning!


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I haven't been there but I was actually thinking about Alux Restaurant for my bachelorette dinner/party.  The other restaurant that @@DreamArtPhotography looks nice as well.  I'd like to know what you end up doing. :D

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Hi there - @@hopechest did you ever find a place for your rehearsal dinner?! I am now in the same boat trying to find a place for a large group. Please let me know any advice you have!! 

Thank you!

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