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Azul Sensatori Mexico- Oct 2016 Wedding

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Hi! We are planning an Oct wedding at the Azul Sensatori and looking for any suggestions and tips we can get. We have about 40 guests. I am super nervous about the backup locations if it rains?!? Also, we don't want a standard traditional reception with all the toasts, speeches, and bouquet toss, etc. We just want dinner, and to have fun with our guests. We are opting out of having a DJ due to the costs and plan to just use an IPOD to play music for a little dancing. Any suggestions?? Good idea, bad idea? 

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Hola PeteandApril, welcome to BDW forums!!! 


Planning a wedding can be hectic but there are tonnes of amazing resources and people here that can help with all kinds of problems.


Azul Sensatori is a beautiful resort. We actually had a wedding there recently and the ceremony/reception was moved inside because of rain. I'll attach an image to show you how that looked. (and a couple more for good measure  :) )


If you have any questions or want to see more examples of our photos from our wedding there don't hesitate to ask or send us a private message and we'd be more than happy to help!!









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Welcome to our forum community PeteandApril, and Congrats on your Oct wedding at Azul Sensatori!! Jasmin & Matt are right about there being loads of great resources here to help with your planning questions, so well done on joining up :)


We've been to numerous weddings where the couple has chosen to use their own iPod music for the reception, and it's worked out really well. You know best what music you like, so go for it :)


We also agree the Azul Sensatori is a really picturesque wedding venue and you've seen in the photos above. We'll add some more to inspire you further here, taken from our Azul Sensatori Wedding Albums......enjoy!







Hope you find the answers you're looking for, and all the best with your amazing journey ahead - cheers!!!

Moments That Matter Photography Studio team :)

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