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Florida Keys Best Wedding Resort

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We are looking to host our destination wedding in the Florida Keys. I have been reading MANY reviews, but that doesn't weed out guests who actually had their wedding at the resorts. I'd like to know if anyone had their wedding at a resort in the Florida Keys and recommendations as to a great accommodating (preferably all-inclusive)resorts. Any information would be helpful! Thank-you in advance! 

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@@cporitz Congrats on your upcoming destination wedding!


I'm a Jamaica bride from 2011 but I'll admit that when we were looking at group travel, we thought the US would be a better location for us so I looked at Florida, the Keys and also Charleston South Carolina. The one thing I didn't find was an all inclusive resort. Everything was either breakfast only or no meals at all. I'm not sure why.


I would definitely get in touch with a travel agent. They're the best ones to recommend resorts while working with your budget and what you want and don't want. Everyone's idea of a destination wedding is different. The owners of this site are destination wedding specialists who I'm sure would have access to information that would help you make an informed decision. You can contact them through this site - Wright Travel - and you can check out their reviews as well in the Vendor Review section.


Good luck and enjoy your planning!

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