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I was married on 10/2/2015 at Secrets Montego Bay.  I'd like to provide comments and/or answer any questions for all you anxious Montego Bay Brides to be. First of all the wedding coordinators at Wild Orchid at very good at what they do.  My wedding turned out to be better than I imagined and/or planned. 

 So I had planned to have my ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception outside on the beach using the Beach Casita area.  On the morning of my wedding it rained like crazy!!!  At that point I had prayed more than I could, worried more than I should and I figured there was nothing else left to do.  So I just was like "Oh Well"  Anyway as the morning went on it cleared up a bit with a slight overcast.  My wedding was scheduled for 4pm, and at able 130 or 2pm, Samone the wedding coordinator called me to tell me that the wedding ceremony would still be at the casita, however, my ceremony is being moved to the Seaside restaurant/grill because of the weather.  As some of you might know, their policy is that they will not and can not close a restaurant just to host your reception.  Well they did for me.  And it was perfect!!!!!

So many of you on this site told me to trust their wedding coordinators and you were right. Although at times there is lack of communication and/or understanding they really seem to know what they are doing.

In addition to the live band that came with the cocktail hour, I added the DJ.  It was DJ BLUE.  He was the best!!!  It was just perfect.  He conducted the whole reception and it was perfect ( and cute!!!)  LOL..


I will  add that I also used their sound system for the ceremony.  I don't think that was worth it.  The coordinators did tell me that because I was getting the DJ for the ceremony, they would let me use the sound system for the ceremony.  Well their sound system didn't have a microphone, and my bro in law operated it and he said his karaoke machine at home worked better than that.  However, it did allow me to come down the aisle on my selections.


That's the one down side of my ceremony, while the officiant was talking and making us laugh throughout the ceremony.  My guests say they couldn't hear anything at all. 

So sometime today, I'm going to try upload some pics on here.  I used their photographer and videographer.  And I'm satisfied with their work.  Of course compared to some pics I've seen on here, they didn't match up to them, However, the pics does capture the moments, I'd like to remember with decent quality. So I'll just say for the price for SECRETS Ultimate package, I think I got my money worth and am satisfied.

I opted not to do a lot of additions with décor, because I felt their prices were ridiculous!!!  I purchased a roll of violet studded material at a clearance rate, and I purchased a lot of peacock feathers, which I intended to be my theme décor. (I hadn't known that there were peacocks roaming the resort).  So the wedding team at NO extra cost added my pieces to the table and even put a few feathers on the cake and a few places on the table, being creative.  And they did well!!!!


That's all I can think of right now.  But shoot out the questions, if you have any. 

** I want to try to upload the DVD onto youtube.  Does anyone have any experience with that?  It's approximately 35 minutes long.





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Wow!! Thanks for sharing!! I asked for the microphone too to use during the ceremony, so we will see how that works out.


So happy your wedding turned out FANTASTIC!!   :)


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Thanks for sharing your experience! Did you happen to use hair and makeup at their salon? If so, how'd you like it?

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