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Joannabanana's Planning Thread - May 12Th 2016 - Grand Sirenis

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Still haven't done anything to prepare!  Slacker city over here.  I've lost four guests.  One couple for money matters, another to Zika (pregnant).  Still have no favours.  Or shoes.  Those are the two things I feel like I'm really missing out on.  I'm hoping to pull out a record breaking budget wedding so I can show you guys that you can have a good time without breaking the bank.  Three months from now I'll let you know how that plan goes.

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@@JoannaBanana What was your final count? 

As of today I'm at 31 seats on the plane.  27 adults, 4 children, 3 infants. 


So it's like I just woke up and realized I didn't turn on my alarm and I'm going to be late for work.  Only it's not work, it's my wedding planning.  My friends and family had a surprise shower for me on Sunday and it was amazing.  Amazing.  Mexican themed and so many great details.  And it made me realize that what I've put in to the wedding is NOT ENOUGH!!! AHHHH!!!!


Adriana from Grand Sirenis started messaging me regarding forms and information and I haven't had the time to fill anything out.  Last week I had the most horrific month-end at work and I worked long and exhausting hours.  Let me tell you, if next month end is as hard as this one I'm going to need this vacation badly.  Anyway, this form is asking me all kinds of questions I haven't really thought long and hard about.  Songs?  Cake?  Allergies?  Oh man.... why didn't I start thinking of these things a while ago...

Alright here's the ceremony music plan so far:


Bridal Party:



(unless anyone knows of a better ukelele wedding march song?)


So then I need a signatures song, and an exit song.  I only have one more song picked out and I think I'd prefer it for the exit.  BUT!!! Question for you ladies.  Do you think it's bad juju to use a song with sad lyrics?  This is actually not a happy song but you wouldn't notice unless you were listening closely to the lyrics.  Check it out and let me know what you think:


Under the mother eyes of the Mexican sky

She was happy and it shows in the sun

And it was fate laid in stone

Sacred heart, sacred ground

Her two children and we moved as one


And you said you loved me

You said you loved me


Now there's something missing when

You're kissing me

It's subtle yet it's gone

And then I'm suspicious

And then it gets vicious

And then it's a hole right through the heart


And you said you loved me

I thought you loved me


Now there is an ocean of time

Between your life and mine

You look happy

And you're married again

And oh my Lord how you've grown

To find me still alone

I am humble

I'm still trying to forget


When you said you loved me

I thought you loved me



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@JoannaBanana  Just personal opinion..... the last one just doesn't sit right for a wedding. The other two are great but I don't know about the other one.

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@@JoannaBanana Have you tried searching up top to see what comes up? There must be hundreds of song titles listed on this site - both older and new. Might find some inspiration somewhere here?

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So I haven't taken much time to post in my own planning thread because I feel like I don't have the time with all the planning I have left.  My job gets really intense at month end so I don't even or energy to do anything.  And I have a p/t job on Sundays.  I'm working straight through until just before I leave for my wedding!  I have FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY.  Then two days of wedding prep crunch time before it's off to Mexico!  I'm already half packed.  


Things I need to sort out:


-Finish my ring box.  It's not properly lined.

-Get 2x baskets for my flowers girls

-See if it's possible to find biodegradable petals (not on the internet no time for shipping).  I don't want to pay $25 for a bag of petals, and possibly x2 since I have two flower girls. 

-Create table numbers

-Welcome brochure/itinerary

-Reassess what toilietries I need. 

-Finish my playlist.  A list for the DJ, and a playlist we will play off our own speakers between ceremony and reception for the cocktail hour. 


Decisions I need to make fast:

-Center pieces.  Pay the man, or bring my own.  Leaning to pay the man.

-Cake - decorate myself or not.  Leaning to do it myself.


We are thinking of doing a reasonably priced excursion or something for our group.  Possibly a trip to Akumal Beach which shouldn't be too costly. 


This week has been hard.  Sean's nephew (my nephew!) broke his leg and they cancelled his trip.  The rest of the family is still coming, but I feel so bad for him.  Trying to sort that out with the airline.  Lots of other questions from guests and no time to answer really.  By the time this trip comes around I'm really going to need it!

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Sorry to hear about his nephew. That's awful :(


If you do pay for petals at the resort you won't need two bags. We had one and my daughter barely sprinkled half out. And they put some on the isle for you!


What do you mean by decorate the cake? Like a cake topper? They'll do ribbon and flower for you - for free.


You will be a busy lady but helps pass the last week of anxiousness.


Have a blast and please post pics!



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