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Has anyone had their wedding as Las Brisas Huatulco? I am having a hard time finding anyone who has.  We booked here, it was recommended by our travel agent. I didn't even know about all the forums and stuff I could have went on to find other resorts and get reviews on them so we just booked this resort without any knowledge other than the travel agent saying it was pretty.   I would love to connect with someone who has had a wedding here as I am lost on what to do about the planning. The wedding contact at the resort does not have the best English so I am not even sure how to start the planning process!  Thanks

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Hi Congrats and welcome!


I did a search up top in the search bar on Huatulco and came up with several threads but I can't post the links with this computer unfortunately. I've heard over the years that it's a beautiful part of Mexico. I've done PV and Mazatlan, as well as Cabo a couple of times but never Huatulco or Ixtapa so can't speak from personal experience. I would definitely recommend doing the search yourself and spending some time reading.


The other thing would be a travel agent. I don't know if you're in the US or Canada - the administrators of this site are destination wedding specialists and I'm sure they would be able to help you. One of them is also a DW bride! As well a TA can help you with assisting your guests with their travel arrangements and help you out with what you absolutely want and don't want. You can contact Wright Travel through a link in this site.


The ladies here are great so I know if anyone else has any info they will definitely share it!  Good luck and happy planning!

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