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What do I need to bring for vow renewal????

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Ok- my FI and I decided to get legally married in the US and do the religous ceremony in Mexico. We went to apply for US marriage license today and the clerk said we might need to bring a copy of our license with us to Mexico. The problem is we get married on a MOnday and leave Tuesday for Mexico- so there is no way I can get a certified copy of our licensehuh.gif?


Two questions:


I am doing the vow renewal package- why would the resort want a copy of my license? dont you think a photocopy would do?


Do I need to for to qualify for the "honeymoon package and perks??



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We are doing basically the same thing.


Signing legal papers on the Monday before we leave. Our wedding is that Saturday. We will take a copy of our signed, notarized paperwork (our friend is a notary and is doing this for us). I think if they see that the date is just a week prior, the photocopy should be sufficient.


That is how they verify that you qualify for certain wedding/honeymoon packages, etc.

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