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Lake Iseo Wedding 2016!

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Hi All!! 


We are getting married May 2016 in the Lake Iseo region. We have booked directly with the vendor so are not using a wedding planner. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any of the following that are located in or close to Lake Iseo:


  • Florist
  • Entertainment - we are thinking of having a band and DJ
  • Photographer
  • Wedding cake 


Thank you all in advance  :)


Emma x 

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Congrats and welcome! I have to say I have no idea where the area is that you're getting married, and I had to look up where it is. Having said that, I did look up vendor reviews on this site - you can do it as well - but found two that seem to have been recommended by other brides that were married in Italy. Keep in mind that firstly I have no idea if they are near where you're going to be, and also they could have changed since they were posted. I can't post links due to restrictions at work so you'll have to copy the links yourself:




www.imag1ne.com (yes that's a one I the website address) The fellow's name is Andy Turner, a Brit that relocated to Umbria. This is an old post so I don't know if it's still current or not.




There were a couple of brides that suggested taking a photographer with you. I don't know if that's an option for you.


Definitely use the search bar up top. If it's a question that has been asked on this site in the past, it will come up when you do a search.


Good luck and happy planning!





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Welcome to our forum community, Emma and Congrats on your wedding coming up in Italy!!! It sounds really romantic :)


You're sure to find lots of great ideas and support here! Wishing you happy research and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)



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