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Which Cabo Planner? Need Advice!

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Hi everyone! I'm an active reader of the forum but this is my first time posting for advice. My fiance and I are thinking about having our wedding at Cabo del Sol this December (2015) with 50 guests.


We have interviewed tons of planners and are trying to decide between Asher at Karla Casillas or Gaby Cobian with Vivid Occasions.


We need full planning and they are both similarly priced. I've read a few reviews about Karla Casillas that made me a little hesitant, but everything has been smooth thus far. She also has a lot more pictures on social media of her actual weddings. I haven't found as many for Gaby.


Is anyone currently working with either of them? How are they different as planners? Any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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I personally love Yarai Peregrino from Memories.  I have known her for many years now and if you do a search for her name on the forum you will see great reviews. yarai@memoriesweddingsandevents.com

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