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Getting All My Oot Bag Items Together....

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@@calgarybride2015 - amen re dirty clothes taking up lots of space!! I was embarrassed to share but glad to know we weren't the only ones. DF was too afraid to send things to the laundry service - concerned something would get "lost" & not return, especially after only 1 of my dresses initially showed up when I sent both and my veil for steaming. I didn't get everything back until a 2 hours before the wedding although we sent it out the afternoon before. :(  

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So in the end...this is what the welcome bags looked like:


I traveled with all the items loose and grouped together by kind. I didn't pre-package them just in case customs would go through them and rip them open.

The bags were labeled with a small tag with the names of each guest.

The small rolled up paper, tied with string is a map of the resort. I opened it in word and labeled where all the events were taking place.

I placed all of the kit supplies in cellophane bags and used a topper template from this site. ( I forget who initially posted this but I will find out and link it here)

I created a welcome letter in publisher and used a font that I loved from @calgarybride, thank you!!!

I also created the timeline in publisher. 


As for the kit itself it included everything that I mentioned in the initial post, but I also included Advil and Tylenol.

The popular/most used items:

-the bag itself! Everyone used it! I could easily spot guests from afar by the bags lol Even the men carried them with the SPF etc.

-The wrist coils. I was pleasantly surprised at how many guests used them and liked them. I included a card in them from Vista Print. The front said "To have and to hold..." in large print and "your room key and money" in small print at the bottom with our hashtag. On the back, I added some Spanish phrases.

-First aid kit

-Shout wipes

-SPF, many of our guests kept their larger bottles of SPF in the rooms and carried around what we provided.



-Bug wipes



Things I didn't see used or hear about:

-hand sani



I prepared the bags on the morning of the guests arrival and handed them out at our check-in event. Overall, I am very happy with the bags and happy I did them. The guests LOVED them and were very excited to receive them. 

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