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Invited To Destination Wedding, Guest Allowed, But Not To Ceremony?

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Based on your previous comment I thought you had 143 confirmed guests. I don't know much about your personal situation, I was only commenting on the logistics of your numbers.



143 guests that i invited yes but not confirmed.... out of those 143 im looking at about 75-85 for sures... im not worried about the rest.

It's a really tough choice and I've been there before, but in a way I have to agree with @@LisaAnthonyPoppy. Take your guests as if they come in a non-negotiable package of 2. If a guest is really important to you, you have to take into account that they might come as a package with someone else, even if you don't really know the other person. It does feel somewhat unfair for others who get cut off the list, but at the same time I would rather have my A-list guests there, either with a plus one or not, rather than them not come in order for me to accommodate my B-list guests. I don't know if that made any sense? 


Makes perfect sense!! 

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I think it's only right to allow them to bring a guest. I have to look at it more selflessly, I want my guests to enjoy themselves and most people want to spend that time with their significant other by their side. I'd feel bothered if I couldn't bring my significant other, but i've honestly never been to a wedding where I can't.

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