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@@calgarybride2015 it certainly limits the options. I'm always so worried about losing luggage, flight delays and even cancelations so connecting flights were a definite no. Plus it's already such a long flight from Vancouver, why add layovers. And I agree that being in the same flight is more fun!


I agree, generally I don't mind a connecting flight but not for our wedding!  I was already panicked about stuff not making it :) With our upgrade to first class they made all our bags (kids and ours) priority but I know that still isn't a guarantee.  Vancouver is a major center and it makes no sense they wouldn't have a direct flight into the most popular airport in Mexico!    I wasn't in the back with my guests but I know a lot of drinks were being had -- there was a fight over the cold beer and we drank so much it was warm because they ran out LOL!!!   That was awesome with first class - they just kept bringing it and bringing it lol, not sure how I will ever go back to economy!

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