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Las Caletas Wedding 2016

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Hello All!


I am new to this site, but looks like it has some helpful information. I am newly engaged ....Hurray! My fiance proposed about 3 months ago in our back yard. I was planting the last of my flowers when I hit something hard while digging. At first I was really freaked out as I thought I may have found something scary... like a dead body.. or head or something! I then decided to open the box and found a ring box... turned around and there was my fiance no one knee. It was a great moment...and great that he could surprise me like that as I am not easy to surprise! 


Anyways... We went to las calates about a year ago and knew that if we were ever to get married .... this would be the place! So we booked it for January 2016! Now to wait ... 1 year and 4 months cannot go fast enough! But it will be fun ! We just got a great price on the resort we wanted so that's exciting!


Has anyone stayed at Sunset Plaza Beach Resort in Puerto vallarta? (It has great reviews on trip advisor... so hopefully nothing changes in the next year)


Also.. any advice from brides that were married in Las Caletas?!


Nice meeting you All.. Happy Planning!



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That's an awesome story and it gave me goosebumps!

My fiance was creative in where he put the ring, but not with the words he chose.

I think I heard 'you didn't say yes' and I said 'you didn't ask' LMAO!  he was too busy crying, although he swears it was sand in his eyes! ha!


If Las Caletas is what I think it is, my friend (gym instructor) married there last year and it looked super beautiful. She stayed at a resort in Neovo though (not sure if its Puerto or Playa in front of it lol). at the Occidental Grand Xcaret.


If you want I can see if she would mind if I shared her pictures with you.


Good luck!

I am marrying in January 2015 and I feel like it can't come quick enough.

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Congrats on your engagement and upcoming Las Caletas wedding in 2016, eriddell !!! Love your story and the pictures that provide such wonderful visuals !


Our wonderful Mexican venues provide such gorgeous backdrops for a wedding, as you can see in these magical wedding "moments that matter" Linc captured recently in our Mayan Riviera.....





with more at this link: Dreams Tulum Wedding Album   for some added inspiration :)


Wishing you all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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I am also getting married at Las Caletas in October 2016. Your date is not too far away! You must be in or close to planning stages with them. How exciting. Hoping it goes well!

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