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Group Activities In Maui For Guests. Help!

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Hi Everyone,


I haven't been on the forums much lately but am back to the planning after a hectic springtime and hoping to enlist some help/ideas on what activities I should plan for our guests.


We have a group of 30 and ideally we've been hoping to plan 1 'welcome' event (ideas are welcome cocktails or a luau) and 1 'goodbye' event, which we had really been hoping to splurge on a boat/snorkel trip for everyone instead of doing favours at the wedding.


The issue now is, with the vendor and hotel prices in Maui being higher then we hoped for just about everything we're feeling very strapped budget wise. Even though we're cutting back on a lot of items for our wedding we're still over budget so I'm not sure what to do about these events.


Does anyone have suggestions where to look for affordable activities  or a lead on where to get cheap rates with a group? Would it be rude to ask guests to pitch in some $ if they wanted to be involved? I would really hate to ask that if we're the ones planning the events but I'm at a lose of what to do.


Any suggestions or advice is super appreciated!!

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Without specific information on the dates involved, what part of the island or how many days you and  guests will be there, it's a little tough to give you specific suggestions.  What have you arranged thus far?


I do feel it is rude to ask guests to chip in for activities that you have arranged as part of your wedding festivities.  it's much better to scale back what you plan.


It's not a problem though to provide a list of activities in which they may want to participate so that you get to hang out together - apart from the wedding events.  These would be "no host" - you can provide the pricing in advance so they are fore-warned it is not included in the wedding festivities.  Everyone may not want to do everything so this way they have a choice and you still get to interact with as many folks as possible.


With more details about your event it will be easier to offer specific suggestions.

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