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Question About Taking Your Own Photographer

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So I have decided I will be taking my own professional photographer (a cousin). I will be bartering vacation time for pictures. This is actually cheaper than hiring a photographer there. She and husband will be coming as a guests.

When I first started researching local photographers I inquired about the vendor fee. My WC told me the fee was 350 for local or if I used one of my guests, like family, they could offer a discount.

I think that is just ridiculous! What is the difference if I handed a camera to guest and asked them to take photos all night?

So I'm wondering if I should even tell her before hand that my family member is taking my photos?

I refuse to pay a vendor fee for my own guest.

What so y'all think? Or what have others done?

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We are bringing our own photographer and she is staying the week with us and since she is my guest we are not paying anything extra. I believe at our resort we don't have to pay as long as they stay >5 days . I am not even mentioning us having a photographer thought in case.

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It just depends on where you're getting married (what resort you get married at) as they are all different. I got married on 6/27/14 at the Riu palace in cabo San Lucas and my uncle did our photography. We did not have to pay a vendor fee because he was a guest and staying at the resort!!



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