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  1. It didn't effect my pictures and if there was some it wasn't really noticeable. Both options are nice I think amd both will be beautiful. The hammocks is a much longer walk for you I know and it's all open beach. The tulum is more bushy surroundings and you walk through a bush path as you can see in my pictures. No matter what you chose it's going to be beautiful. I tried to switch to hammocks when I wasn't Sure about the tulum location and it was all booked up within a week of me changing my mind. In the end I was happy with my choice and wouldn't have changed anything.
  2. This was our tulum beach setup. It was pretty basic the white fabric at the front with the white chairs and the podium at the front. We didn't do extra flowers and I am glad we didn't waste the money cause with the background we didn't need it. We did do flower pedals on the walkway all the way from where I started it was a good guide to where I should walk! Lol The signing table was very plain as well you can see on my gallery but it was windy so not sure how decorations would stay on the table. @@DonnaandDaz @@N50mys How much is it for the private pool side party with resort dj for 3 hours? DJ is 210usd/hour I have attached pricing for 2015 reception prices I received it's all based on what bar you purchase. My partners parents are divorced and remarried so we have 3 sets of parents, do they honour this with the parental privileges? At first they only gave my husbands parents wrist bands cause they to by last names and my parents are different so it's best to mention it at check in. I filled out a guest list closer to my wedding date and they request that information on there but they still forgot at check in. Anyone got the prices for the flowers I would need 4 more bouquets and 5 more buttonholes and something for flower girl? Also flowers for the wedding site? Did anyone use bouquets as table decoration at wedding dinner? I did not use the bouquets but that sounds like a great idea. Also what if guests wanted to purchase flowers? None of our guests purchased flowers so not sure on that. Has anyone got photos of the Tulum beach wedding location? I posted some pics on my gallery of the ceremony location set up. Hope you can help xxx
  3. The ribbon was included. The bouquet was included I just paid a little extra to have 4 cala Lillys added. I just sent her a picture and she created it exactly.
  4. I posted pictures in my gallery from the resort photographer. they were included in my package. I was impressed with them. There is one of him and I looking a little red that one was from a friends camera. as you can see no shadows from the aweing to who ever was worried about it.
  5. I did place cards as well. They put a table at the front of the restaurant with the cards on them and people grabbed their names and sat where ever they wanted at the table. Tables were big, we had 9 and 10 people to the tables and 2 guests squeezed into a table of 10 with all our other friends cause there was still room. They were long rectangle ones and we had one round table. We tipped the bartender, DJ, wedding coordinator and restaurant staff. Amount really depends on what you can afford. We pretty much did 20 a person then 10 per person in restaurant cause 5 of them were serving us. I would have liked to give them more cause they were awesome but trying to stick to a budget. We just put them all in envelopes labelled and gave them to wedding coordinator at our day after meeting cause we weren't prepared day off with it and we were kinda busy. Hopefully she gave it to them :/ @@Schoni I am trying to find the spa prices for you too
  6. We wernt under the awning but the time of day the sun was setting and on our camera phones there were shadows but on our professional pictures there wasn't. The location is actually elevated so it's a couple steps up to this platform with sand on it. In the pictures it looks like it's right on the beach so that was surprising. It was beautiful though.
  7. I was just married there last wed. It takes a while for wedding coordinator to get back to you. But when she does it all comes together. Dinner is semi private on one side of restaurant, food was amazing. Prices aren't too bad. The above prices are what I paid. Plus extra 25/pp for the sunshine package and it was more then enough. We had 57 guests. We did private reception worth the money. We paid for domestic bar. $30/pp plus DJ for 3 hours. I also didn't like the gazebo we did the tulum beach location with awning it was beautiful. I did have the option of hammock location in akumal when I booked.
  8. Hello ladies !!! I am back arrived last night. Wedding day was amazing!!!! Wedding week was amazing !! I have nothing but good things to say about the resort. They treated us very well since the day we arrived. We had room with champange and fresh fruit and big bouquet of flowers when we arrived. We received special bracelets from the start along with our parents to have access to all the resorts including their restaurants. We did eat at their a la carts but stayed mostly on coba with our guests. The resort is massive. Since we had so many of us it was nice lots to do and see. We met with wedding coordinator Monday am at 11. Brought everything with me and it all went smoothly she had all the info I sent her and was really organized. We hadn't heard back from the resort photographer since I emailed and said my friend was photographing put wedding. So we signed off that we only wanted the pictures included in package. They were not pushy. I went for my trial hair Monday evening and I wasn't happy with it. It was nice but I was going for a more natural look and it looked too much for me. So I cancelled and had a friend do it. They did not charge me for the trial. Wedding day we tried to get champange to the room for me and my girls and this took very long and they wanted to charge us 25 bucks. So if you want drinks before ceremony try and organize it before the day. Wedding day went fast, flowers came on time at 3 , ceremony was at 4 tulum beach. Flowers were beautiful and exactly what I wanted and like the picture I gave them. Grooms boutinener was suppose to be a fushia rose but was a gerber daisy but at that point it didn't matter. Me and my bridesmaids and mom were picked up at our room and brought to ceremony. Ceremony location was nice, the cover blocked the sun for our guests and the wind kept them cool. No one complained about the heat. There were shadows on camera phones but my photographer checked out the location day before and said it wouldn't cause a problem for her pictures. Also when we received the pictures from tropic one there were no shadows with them. They did a great job on the pictures they did do. I would recommend them if you didn't want to fly your own down and photography wasn't a big deal. Someone from home would probably be better but theirs was nice also. They did try and get my photographers information the day we picked up pictures stating that they have to inform them that they can not come and do weddings without paying a fee. I informed them she was my guest and a friend they were pushy about getting information and I just refused to give it to them. My ceremony was at 4 sun went down around 530 ish so I really felt rushed and overwealmed with getting pictures done. Dinner was amazing food the entire trip was fantastic. The decorations at the dinner were weak. We didn't do center pieces maybe of we did night have made it look better but it was fine. The best part besides getting married was the pool side reception. Worth the money it was decorated beautifully we had DJ for 3 hours and brought a list and he played everything on it. The party went too fast and some of us continued to the disco. Once we got back to our room we had more champange waiting with chocolate covered strawberries and the entire room was covered in rose pedals. It was fabulous. Hope I covered everything. Just ask if you want to know anything else. Somehow my ring box was lost. We didn't receive it from wedding coordinator she said a bridesmaid took it with them but she only took the card box. So I was sad about that. Anything special to you assign someone to take it. Hope that helps. I'll try and add pictures when I get some. Hey!! Congratulations on your wedding as well I had a hard time connecting to the internet there and It was so busy with everyone just getting this now. Hope Your day was great!!!
  9. I am getting replys from the resort yes. We havent spoke in a week or so as I havent had many questions. When is your wedding? I am going to bring a photocopy of our marriage certificate but i dont think we need it. since its all symbloic i havent been notified to bring anything. I am using the resort salon. I will let you know how it goes. I considered bring in and outside vendor but I was worried about vendor fees so I just went with salon.
  10. We leave the 25 to come home. Going 18-25th so we def wouldn't see each other ha ha Our family know about the June legal that's it. June 17 is our anniversary so we did it then. We want it to feel as real as possible with the symbolic. Sounds like it will be a nice evening. Enjoy
  11. I just read this now. For some reason I am not getting email notifications anymore for this site. We are flying air Canada too, flight leaves at 10 am how about you? We also had some people book last minute through another travel company. I am starting to get nervous and thinking about all the small stuff like hair and nails and my makeup.... I finally heard from my wedding coordinator as well everything so far is in place. We do have included photography but I am flying in my own so still waiting to hear from the resort photographer about this. I want in writing this isn't going to be an issue. Are you flying in your own? Yes we may see each other at the airport !! 3 weeks away I can't believe it. I can't wait to hear your review and see your pictures We already did our legal marriage in June. Be prepared to cry for that too lol I was thinking it was going to be only signing papers but it was all the vows , it was nice to have the experience of just us as well. @Dreamteam17 I think if you gave the DJ a schedule/list of introductions, etc they would do it no problem. We ended up having time at the end of our dinner and only had a few speeches, so we just did them at dinner, but the DJ did the announcing for our first dance, bouquet toss, etc. There wasn't a whole lot for him to announce, but it didn't seem to be a problem or anything. Thanks, I emailed our wedding coordinator and she said he wouldn't do it not sure if this changed or what. So we decided to get the best man to do it since there isn't much. Thanks for the information though
  12. yes i cant beleive it!!! coming so fast. ill have to ask my WC aswell didnt say anything about it when i filled out all my information. I am still waiting to hear back from the photographer about bringin my own down with me. its been weeks now so i am hoping i will not have issues when I get there. Planning is pretty much done few odd things here and there. how about you? hows planning going?
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