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Are You Changing Your Last Name, Hyphenating, Or Keeping Your Name

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I am changing my middle name to my maiden name and taking his last name. I never really liked my middle name anyway (even my parents told me they made the wrong choice - ha) so I'm happy to sacrifice it to keep my last name! And then it is easier than hyphenating.


If we have kids, I will also give them my maiden name as their middle name so they have both of our names. Fortunately, neither one of our names are super long or cumbersome - both just 2 syllables - so the kid won't have a crazy name :)

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I'm taking my FIs last name.


Growing up I always said I would keep my last name or hyphenate BUT it means so much to my FI that I cant imagine disappointing him in that way. My SIL kept her last name (all the power and respect to her) and his family did not like that. Personally, I wouldn't mind upsetting them but the fact that my FI cares, I'm doing it to make him happy.


My last name is now a very popular first name so I will definitely give all my children my maiden name as their middle name.

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I think i've said this before, but i'm hyphenating for a somewhat silly reason, but I can't get over it. My FI's last name is "Yu" and my name is Perian.. I can't bare the thought of being called "P. YU" (work email etc) lol. I think Johnson-Yu sounds much better.

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