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  1. Okay, I'm back... Now I had 50 guests attend so it was a decent size group. We got married on the beach. The chairs were decorated with the sashes and I have to admit seeing it in person was much better than the pictures on the website. It really was a nice set up. The package was for the guests to attend the wedding and a semi-private dinner. The prices for all of this destination wedding stuff are inflated because DW's are the popular trend now. So the hotels are definitely capitalizing on it! Nothing you can do about that... we were overcharged but oh well! I had a semi-private dinner.
  2. I survived my destination wedding and now I can breathe and enjoy my hubby!

    1. FutureMrsGlover


      @1BeachBride.....congratulations!!!! Please share pics when you get a chance and let us know how your experience was at the resort. We finally decided on a resort and we are getting married at the Royalton White Sands in Jamaica. I received my confirmation today.


    2. tygrrlily


      Waiting for you to come back and give us your review and see pics! Glad it all went well :)

  3. Hi Ladies, Just got back from my wedding there. It was a beautiful day and my hubby & I are still on cloud nine... I can answer some of your questions. Give me a few minutes and I'll respond to @@Feltzwedding & @@Kerrierf.
  4. I see... You're very welcome. Once again, great job! I'm amazed by how some of you ladies are so prepared well in advance. Wish I had my things together early. Anyway, I wish you luck with your wedding. I have 8 days left and then I'll be posting from another viewpoint. So excited!
  5. So it seems I'm definitely not alone! Quite a few of you are also considering a change. Come to find out, my mother even brought an outfit to change into for the afterparty! I find that hilarious being as though she is not young, a dancer, or a partier. I guess she wants to be comfy sitting on the side with my father. LOL
  6. Vistaprint doesn't give free stuff like they used to a few years ago. Now it's just discounted items all the time or free shipping. I like FREE better! I'm done with my wedding stuff anyway. Just telling others so you know!
  7. Oh my goodness! I see your dilemma in choosing. I like the style of the first dress, young, short, beachy but dressy... but I see what you're saying about the color...possibly getting washed out. I think you'll be okay though! Your dress has more color to it than that washed out pic. However, the second dress is nice also. It's more formal & elegant. My friend had a beach wedding last May in Riviera Maya. She had very long BM dresses like #2. They were blowing in pictures but extremely HOT. All their pics have big sweat marks on the dresses under the girls' arms, on their backs, and
  8. Nicely done Malyna! I'm a teacher so my eye is very critical for errors. Please don't take offense! Under How We Met- you have "We me" not met Schedule of Events- you have "Friday November 13, 201" not 2014 Passport info- you have "6 months post travel" you mean prior to travel dates You did a great job with it! Your guests will be excited. It's funny how the knot gives a standard format but the websites end up being so personalized and very different. lol
  9. @@JoWil JoWil was the venue's DJ expensive? I have ten days before my wedding date and now it seems I'm reconsidering things just to have a back up plan. We plan on playing music on my iphone through Wedding DJ since we know the type of music we like, but now I'm wondering if we should do a DJ.
  10. I'm not doing it but I like the locket on a bouquet. It's very subtle for overly sensitive people like myself. My only sibling, my older brother, passed unexpectedly a few years back. He will be remembered by leaving a chair empty in the front row. My daughter is the flower girl. She will place a rose on the chair when she walks up. Candles will blow out on the beach so I thought the rose was just as symbolic. I just have to remember not to keep looking at the chair or I'll be an emotional wreck!
  11. @@nina1116 They will. I'm packing an old suitcase (we no longer want) with our things for the wedding & OOT bags. It will be left there when we return. Other brides have suggested this & it's probably the best option for me since I have to take 50 of them.
  12. @@LoriGran Would the extra guests cost you? I don't get any perks like @@kmk2016 was talking about. We have a welcome party, the wedding, dinner reception, a private beach bash, and a brunch planned for our guests. Plus OOT bags. So it would cost us about $100 per person for the uninvited extras...
  13. I had a timeline which I basically made up and estimated the times. Thank goodness I didn't print it. I saw this post & decided to run it past my WC. Quite different. As soon as I find the email, I'll post mine.
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