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Sandals Antigua 2014 Brides

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Hi y'all!

I'm brand new to this forum and am getting married Nov 2014 at Sandals Grande Antigua and was wondering if anyone has any recent info/advice regarding their wedding experience? I read some past threads yesterday with some less than desirable information regarding ceremony location, photography, and floral selections which kinda worry me, but the info seems a bit dated so I decided to see if some of you could help clarify things. Here are some of the concerns I have; any help is greatly appreciated:


-Is a beach ceremony really that terrible?

-Does the beach gazebo really overlook the beach?

-Are the photographers really that bad? And can anyone recommend any alternatives?

-I am terrible with makeup and hair, so I'm relying on the bridal salon for the big day. What was your experience?

-Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if they would allow me to get married in a swimsuit/cover-up ensemble?

-Does anyone have any recent photos of their ceremony/reception they wouldn't mind sharing? I don't want to rely solely on the website pics. 


I apologize for all the questions, just looking to ease my mind a bit.


Thanks in Advance!


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We got married in December and our photographer was from The Memory Factory. Our pictures were gorgeous and he's very reasonable. We even used them for our welcome party. Email them for a quote at thememoryfactory@hotmail.compost-270067-0-39686600-1400821990_thumb.jpgpost-270067-0-74332600-1400821692_thumb.jpg

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Solvi705 we got married at Sandals Antigua in 2011.  It was the best time of our lives.  The photographers were wonderful!  We did not have to book anything ahead of time.  When you get there you will meet with your wedding planner and finalize everything.  We even did a cake tasting :)  We got married at the beachfront gazebo and we liked it because the beach can have quite a few vendors and people walking around and we wanted to see the beach however we wanted a little privacy.  The location was absolutely perfect for us.  We got married at 3:00 p.m.  After the ceremony the photographer took us around the resort and took beautiful wedding pictures.  We wanted sunset pictures on the beach so she told us to come back at sunset and we did and another photographer took beautiful sunset pictures.  We were able to go in the next day and pick what we wanted.  We actually got our pictures on a disk which was wonderful because we could make our own album and print/resize our own pictures to whatever we wanted.  Very easy to do and it gave us so many more pictures.

You can get married in anything you want to.  You can even change your mind on your location if you get there and decide you like a better spot.  They are so wonderful and flexible and they are all about making it a special day for you.  the beach gazebo does have more lush vegetation than they had in the pictures so it makes it a little more private.  Message me and I will add you to my facebook where you can see the pictures if you like. 


You will absolutely love it!!!

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