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  1. I do not work for them or bennefit from them in any way. The only reason I have shared their information is that i was so stressed and overwhelmed when I was planning my destination wedding and when I found them they helped me so much. They were so wonderful to work with, they were amazing with my guests and I loved my pictures. I figured I would help the future brides and give them some exposure since they have no exposure on these forums.
  2. These are some tips I learned from my own destination wedding in December. Keep in mind that it may be better to get an outside vendor for some things for your wedding such as photographers, flowers, videographers, dj, etc. You tend to get more for your money. For example, the packages at the resort for photographers are usually 4-5 hours because they have a few weddings per day. With an outside vendor you are the only bride so you get full coverage of the day, you can negotiate, and they are more reasonable - personal (approx.10 hours). My photographers were The Memory Factory. He captured my husband and I getting ready as well as what some of the guests were doing at the time around the resort. He was wonderful so much so that we used him for our welcome party as well. They do destination weddings so they travel everywhere - I got married in Punta Cana. www.thememory-factory.com and their email address is thememoryfactory@hotmail.com For favors, instead of breaking your head trying to figure out what to five I found www.dominicanfavors.com they deliver the favors to any venue as long as it's within Punta Cana or Bavaro. I suggest you get married in your hometown because Dominican laws are very relaxed. I heard of some brides not having their wedding certificate one year after the wedding date. So get married at home, consider it paperwork and have a symbolic wedding with vows where ever you decide. You don't have to tell anyone and it will be magical. That would be the anniversary you celebrate for the next 50-60 years. I purchased my bouquet from Real Flowers because it will be the most expensive on location and just get your bridal party one or two beautiful local flowers or wild flowers. It will be gorgeous and a lot more economical. Get a small wedding cake for your pictures but provide your guests with an assortment of local desserts. Make it interesting for them, part of the experience. Patty Jordan from Wright Travel Agency was wonderful. She answered every question I had and handled all of the craziness with my guests. Less stress for me. Oh one more thing, Punta Cana has amazing offsite venues - again, you get privacy and more for your money - Jellyfish, Kukua, and Huracan. These venues are on the beach and they are very reasonable. I hope all this helps.
  3. Keep in mind that you get more for your money when you use outside vendors for some thing such as photographer, videographer, flowers, etc. We used www.thememory-factory.com as our photographer which was amazing. He photographed the entire day of the wedding. I would say a good 10 hours as opposed to what the resort may offer which is usually 4-5 hours. It was less stressful because you know you are the only wedding they have for that day. You can negotiate and they tend to be more reasonable. We reserved a night at the resort to avoid the vendor fees and it worked out perfectly. Also for favors, I found www.dominicanfavors.com which have pretty much everything you may need and they deliver to your venue just as long as it's in Punta Cana or Bavaro.
  4. @@FutureMrsAllison Patty Jordan from Wright Travel Agency. Specializes in Destination Weddings.
  5. Patty Jordan from Wright Travel was the greatest!!
  6. I just got married in Punta Cana in December. These would be some of my tips for a future bride: Get married in your hometown and have a symbolic wedding in DR - ceremony and vows. I have heard horror stories of couples not having their certificate a year later. I would just play it safe and have that paper in my hand. No one needs to know. Consider the hometown wedding just the day you did all your paperwork and your real wedding day the day you celebrate in DR. Use Patty Jordan at Wright Travel Agency. She was a blessing. My guests were coming from all over the country and all had different circumstances. She handled it all and your guests are able to make partial payments Check venues outside of the resort for your wedding. You get more privacy and more for your money. I got married at Jellyfish and it was PERFECT. I also liked Kukua As far as photographers, again you get more for your money using an outside vendor. I used www.thememory-factory.com they were extremely flexible and reasonable. My pictures were gorgeous. Welcome bag. I was able to get the nylon backpacks at the dollar tree and gave everyone flip-flops and two bottles of mini Presidente beers. I saw everyone using those backpacks all week long even at the wedding. Some of the ladies used them to bring flats to the wedding for when their feet got tired. Don't waste money on providing aspirins, stomach medicine, etc. everyone packs that kind of stuff anyway. Wedding favors. there's a company called www.dominicanfavors.com that will deliver the favors to your venue. that way you don't have to carry all that stuff to DR.
  7. We got married in Punta Cana December 1 (just had or 6 mo anniversary!!!) but met the photographer while attending a friend's wedding in T&C over a thanksgiving weekend two years ago. They rented a beautiful home on the beach. The weather was perfect the entire time we were there. I'm hoping to go back for our first anniversary. We were so impressed with the photographer we contracted him to do our wedding.
  8. @@solvi705 email or message me directly and I will give you all the information on the photographer.
  9. @@megthomson the weather was perfect. Beautiful sunny during the day and a nice breeze at night.
  10. No we didn't but it was an all inclusive. We decided to go off site because we had 40 people and they were charging me for every chair drink plate etc. Over 20.
  11. @@MandM2014 email me at joannaandwilson2013@@gmail.com and we can chat. I just had a destination wedding and can walk you through the entire thing.
  12. RaynDrop, We paid The Memory Factory around $2200 for a full day. He started at 10:30 with pictures of me getting ready, got some of my husband, all the way through the reception. I'm guessing he worked for about 10-12 hrs. We had the option of getting a DVD with all the shots before we left back home from our honeymoon or we could order the final pictures online off his website and then have the prints mailed to our house. We chose the DVD. He was so engaging with everyone and really became just part of the guests that we also ended up using them for our welcome party and he took pictures the day before the wedding just casual on the beach. I'm telling you it was a wonderful experience. We were planning on doing a trash the dress session the next morning but we were just exhausted. I believe would have been an extra $400 for 2 hours. Overall it was the best money we spent. Oh and a tip for all the brides. We didn't have to pay the resort the vendor fee which was $1000. We paid for one night at the resort for the photographer as a guest and it was much much cheaper than the vendor fee.
  13. @@MissRainbow If you are still lookingfor a photographer for your wedding, I highly recommend The Memory Factory. They are destination wedding photographers and travel panywhere. We got married in December and we contracted them for the entire event. They photographed our welcome party and our wedding day. They were fantastic and very reasonable. You can contact them at thememoryfactory@hotmail.com
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