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Needed! Bridesmaid Bouquet -Hot Pink/orange

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I am looking for 4 bridesmaid bouquets. I don't want to pay $65 per bouquet for a 20 min ceremony. My wedding is at NOW Sapphire. I'm looking for fake/silk flowers or where I can have them ordered cheaper than $65

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Have you tried www.etsy.com ? I know there are quite a few brides on the site that have purchased flowers from the site. I'm not exactly sure which vendor - perhaps someone could chime in with additional info?


The other thing is that you could look through the vendor reviews and see who other brides have dealt with and what they have to say about them! I know there are quite a few florists in the Riviera Maya area, but they use the real flowers. If you specifically want silk, I'm sure there is someone on the site that has found somewhere to get them!


Good luck and happy planning!

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