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Melia Caribe In 2015 (From Canada)

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Hi There,

I am considering Melia Caribe as a destination wedding location. The resort looks beautiful and it looks like there is a lot of stuff to do their for guests. I haven't fully decided yet because I am waiting to get some pricing back from the travel agent. I am hoping for a budget of around $1700 with taxes included. Anyone from Canada have their wedding booked at this resort and what are the prices roughly so I can have some idea. I love this resort. If I do end up booking here I would highly consider the yacht for the wedding reception. Looks gorgeous and I believe my guests would love it also. Let me know your thoughts.


Also is any Canadians having trouble getting any pricing for next spring of 2015. I was hoping to give my guests a year notice but travel agents are saying they are having trouble getting quotes from tour operators right now because it's so far in advance. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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