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If you want, you can join our wedding webinars to get more information on the different resort chains and get your specific questions answered.


2014 Destination Wedding Webinar Schedule

Is the $1000-1200 including air.  Generations RM is going to be a smidge more expensive than AS to stay.  They are about to have a big sale on the property but like more of the Karisma Hotels I expect it will sell out pretty quickly.


I am heading over the Generations RM in a few months so I can definitely report back.


It is right next to El Dorado Casitas to give you an idea of location and beach.



I am right there with you!  I am having trouble deciding between Azul Sensatori and Generations Riviera Maya.  I have no clue which to go with.  The one major reason why I didn't choose AS right off the bat was because of the beach.  I want to get married right in the sand and what is the point of getting married in Mexico on the beach if it isn't beautiful.  I was also worried about the color of the water at AS…I like bluer water and in the pictures I have seen it was more greenish blue.  I have heard Generations Riviera Maya has a better beach and bluer water but that it is rocky.  I'm really having a tough time because I am trying to stay around $1,000-$1,200 for my guests.

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Thank you so much for all of your ideas. We took a few days to really think about it and decided to cross the Azul Sensatori off our list. Since 95% of our guests have never been to Mexico, we really wanted to be closer to the attractions in Tulum, Akumal, and Playa del Carmen. We also decided to nix the Bahia properties due to the fact that the dolphins really bugged us. So we went in search of something close to the price of the Bahia, in a similar location, that was family friendly and came up with the Grand Palladium resorts. We may end up spending a little more on the wedding than it would have cost us at the Bahia, but it offers everything we are looking for :)



The La Esmeralda was my fiancé's first choice, but the wedding packages were a little pricier than we were hoping to spend :)

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