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Post Wedding Sale On Various Items

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Sorry ladies...haven't been on the site in a while.  


I am interested in the bubbles if you still have them.  I live in toronto

 Hi there Jenn...I still do have them.  I will check to see how much it will be to ship them to you, if you are still interested. 



Hi I am interested in the cake topper and the Barefoot Sandals are they still available?

Yes, I still have them.  If you would like me to find out the shipping cost, please let me know your postal code or zip code. 



@@Lydia1120 Hey! Back again! Thanks for the items you sent! I saw the remaining pics and wanted to know if you still had: all 12 OOT bags, the bride to be sash, the roll of stickers and the bachelorette veil? If so can u msg me the total cost with shipping!

i will find out the shipping cost and let you know. 

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Hi. Do you still have the barefoot sandals, blue gems, and mother of bride button? I'm interested. Please check shipping costs. I will PM my zip code.

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Hi ladies, EVERYTHING has been sold except the wedding dress and rehearsal dress!  Thanks for all who were interested! 

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