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  1. @@THymes I am selling 120 brand new coral sashes. They're satin and measure 6x106. They're packaged in sets of 10 in case you don't need that many. Let me know if you'll need them!
  2. Selling mostly unused wedding items, and I'll ship for free through PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions! NEW 120 Coral Chair Sashes - measure 6"X106". Purchased online. $95 NEW White Lace Wedding Dress Size 14 - Very lightweight and comfortable! Purchased online. No alterations. Zipper back and top clasp closure. Only worn once to try on. Can be worn with or without white sash, or you can replace with your own. My measurements: Bust - 38" (a little big for me here), Waist - 33", Hips - 44". $125 NEW Michaelangelo "Diana" Purple Shoe Size 9 - Only worn once to try on! Purchased from David's Bridal, this satin shoe is a Size 9 and is in a Regency Purple (brighter than plum). Peep-Toe with pleated detail. Crystal ornament. 3" heel, 1" platform for comfort. Leather insole. $45 NEW Lillian Rose Just Married Flip Flops (2 pair) - Women Size 8-9, Men Size 11-12. $15 each or both for $25. USED Beach Cake Topper - Heart-shaped, made of resin, has seashells and white sparkling sand, 6" tall. Purchased online. $20
  3. @@deelirious Thanks so much! And what a coincidence in the number of people!! When will your wedding be? I'm glad the pics helped! 1) Wedding cake was square and still 3 layers (as in the pic) and was more than enough for our group. Since cake in the package only fed up to 25ppl we had to add an additional 54; the children do not count for the extra. When everyone had been served the cake I did notice like half the bottom later still untouched, so the servers make sure that everyone's going to get a slice! 2) Our reception was 4 hrs instead of the included 3. After finding out that our group was sooooo big and negotiating a plated dinner, our WC actually recommended that we extend the reception from 3 to 4 hrs to make sure we'd have enough time for the courses and activities! The serving time was good; no one was waiting forever for meals or drinks, and we had our own bar set up with 2 bartenders for our group the whole time of the reception. We did have 4 speeches, the father/daughter and son/mother dances as well. We didn't do the garter toss and bouquet toss because we didn't want too. But there was still plenty of time for dancing. Even afterwards, a lot of our group went to the nightclub to continue partying! 3) DJ Mannia was awesome; they kept our group on the floor all night! Like seriously even in between courses one couple got up on the dance floor for a quick dance to a Spanish song (without being prompted)! I think it was just a song that they reeeaallllyy liked. LOL. PM me your email and I can send you the email that the company sent me with the prices for service fees, different floor rental options, lighting etc. The resort did charge us a percentage for bringing them in as well as a percentage for renting their dance floor instead of using the resort's DJ and services. I'd still do it all over again! The music and MC'ing was awesome. And the resort DJ usually DJ's at the nightclub as well, so I think you'd have to finish your reception by 930pm if you used him. Another tip; if you want to eat with a large portion of your group during dinner on certain nights, you can do so without making a reservation as long as the restaurant has space, and as long as you do it either really early (6pm) or really late (9pm)! We had a group of 50 ppl meet at the Italian restaurant Capers (my fav!) the night before the wedding and they made 3 long tables to accommodate us! Absolutely phenomenal! And no costs! Our group tipped the servers really well too. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions!
  4. @@Drnelly910 Yes I did bring my own music for the precessional. I wanted to exchange his services to take place during the cocktail hr but my WC said they couldn't this. So in my package I chose to have a violinist only play while the guests were being seated and after we were pronounced husband and wife. I had a song picked out for the bridal party to walk down to, and I had a different song for me to wall down to. I put both songs on a USB drive and gave to my WC, who had someone cue the music (I couldn't see who it was but it could have been the violinist!). For the cocktail hr I ended up booking the Carribean Trio. @@alwalters625 Hey! They don't care if you do your own makeup. The bridal suite is totally yours and private. My bridesmaid did my makeup and everyone else did their own. No issues whatsoever!
  5. @@DR2015 Thanks so much!!!! And yes we rented the bridal suite, which is a large room in the back of the spa. We had it for 5 hours and they locked all of our items in the room during the wedding (we came and got the rest of our stuff the day after the wedding). Great space for me and my ladies to hang and get ready. The suite has a full bathroom, a small backroom and a 3 way mirror and pedestal. It ended more outlets I felt, since we had so many flat irons and curlers between us! Hahaha. They also gave us large plates of fruit, champagne and orange juice with the suite. For the bridesmaids bouquet I did request that theirs look like mine but with our wedding colors. My WC stated that she could mix up the ivory and purple roses. @@joacevedo15 Thanks so much! Yeah checking out if your date is available is number 1, lol. And once you find that out then I'd be happy to answer any questions! Not sure about weddings on Sundays but you should check with a WC.
  6. @@joacevedo15 Congrats on your engagement! This forum has been the BEST source of info in helping to plan my wedding, and I'm hoping to give back any info and advice that I can! I had a phenomenal time at Now. The service was outstanding. The food was great. The grounds are clean and well kept. Our room was amazing (my hubby and I had the Oceanfront Master Suite). I think in terms of helping make your decision, an important factor to me was considering what deal the resort could offer me and my large group for staying at their resort. My TA was able to do the work for me; contact the resorts we were interested in and they all gave us quotes and a promotion detail (like if you book 5 rooms your 6th is free). Now gave us the best rates and the wedding packages and locations at the resort were impressive. At Now our guests had Deluxe Tropicalview rooms (Preferred and non-preferred) which they all enjoyed. The only thing with that is that although "Preferred" guests are supposed to get specific amenities (like certain pools and restaurants) it appeared no one was checking if you were actually perferred or not. At the preferred pool and restaurant (Castaways), our non-preferred guests walked in and hung out with us the whole time. So save the money and stick with the regular rooms since you won't be in there half the time anyway! I attached a link to pics from my wedding at Now a few posts back. You can get an idea of what the grounds look like as well as decor options and WBA's work. Honestly I felt like this was my perfect wedding day and it was better than I could have imagined! Feel free to ask any questions!
  7. @@Jahanee Conner Thanks so much!!!!! I did get the centerpieces through the resort because just like you, I had too much stuff to pack and carry down there! It was a last minute decision to use their centerpieces. I'd sent my WC ideas for flower centerpieces and she quoted me as high as $285 each! Not happening. So we went with a different flower arrangement which was about half that, still on the expensive side. One option you can do which she told me is that you can rent the vases they have there and just bring the items that you want in them. For example, I saw a centerpiece on Pinterest where there was a square glass vase that had those fake limes in them, then pretty fake flowers to top it off. I think to rent the vase from the resort it was quoted as $10 each. Hope this helps!
  8. @@jeffandrobyn So sorry! It's sammydress.com! Ha! Here's the link to my shoes! http://www.sammydress.com/product840715.html
  9. @@jeffandrobyn Also the ones I ended up wearing I purchased at sammiedress.com. Very comfortable with a short heel!
  10. @@cankem80 Hey! So I got mine from eBay (a lot of stuff for our wedding I found on eBay!). I used the seller "lucollections" and was able to purchase 100 plastic ID badges w/ ziploc closure for $15.99 and free shipping. This fit a business card and the room key card. I put a spiral coil key ring on it too for our guests wrists (found on eBay as well). Our guests loved this and took it with them everywhere! Hope this helps!
  11. OK I finally uploaded my wedding album! http://1drv.ms/1tIAX1i Make sure that you: 1) Sort by Name (Ascending) 2) Click on the Details view Icon 3) Click on first picture title (should be wbaphoto 01) This way you can scroll through pics in chronological order AND get an idea of WBA's work. I did put a few pics that were taken by my friends in the mix. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions! NOTES: - We had 79 adults and 9 children. We had the Divine Package. - We were married at the fountain of the resort at 4pm. Added the $1,500 wooden walkway upgrade - Cocktail hour was held at the Eclipse nightclub (supposed to be the garden but it rained an hour before the wedding and grass was soggy. My WC Luisa actually gave us this option or the hallways of the ballroom). - Reception was held in the ballroom. We used their centerpieces (sent them pics of what we wanted) and upgraded to tiffany chairs. - DJ service was DJ Mannia. We used this company's DJ/MC Service and their white wooden dance floor. The bubbles and sparklers were not ordered; they just did it! - The tall oversized men just so "happened" to be in the hallway of the ballrooms and just stopped in to say hi! Unplanned and hilarious! Best day of my life for sure!
  12. @jeffandrobyn Hi! I actually found them on ebay! The seller is 8088shoes and they also sell similar stilettos. Hope this helps! Shoes have been sold by the way!
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