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Melia Caribe Reception Question

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I am currently torn about what to do for the reception. It looks like we will have approx 25-30 people going with us. My fiance wants everything to be as simple as possible. He wants the ceremony and then for everyone to kind of just go with the flow. I, on the other hand, kind of want the formal feel of a wedding day. I would like to have the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and then the reception. Originally I thought we would have the semi-formal reception and then just hit the lobby or disco for the remainder of the night for those who wanted to continue to party. But now I am leaning towards having the reception on the beach with music (since this is a one time opportunity for that to happen). What did you do for your reception? How did it go? Do you wish you would have picked a different option? Decisions, decisions! Thanks :)

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