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Hi Ladies!


I am getting married at the iberostar bavaro in June 2014,

Wondering if any past iberostar bavaro brides have any advice?


We have about 45 people but are hoping they let us book out the restaurant anyways (they usually say 50+) as we really want a private reception and are willing to pay for it!


Any tips?

How was the salon?

Did you upgrade flowers? chair wraps? table cloths?

Where was your dinner?

Were you allowed to customize stuff ? We want to add a remembrance table for those we've lost.. things like this!


There's not much info out there on this resort, but it seems to be highly reviewed on trip advisor and my TA got us a great rate so we are excited to be booking there.

Our WC is fairly timely in her responses and seems to be pretty organized.


If any brides are debating this resort I have a bunch of their info so let me know if I can help you!

Hopefully others can help me!!





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HI Sarah-


Did u get any additional information on this resort? I have been looking into them but haven't finalized anything yet

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