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Turquoise, lime green and white wedding items-Tons of Stuff

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White knobby starfish


I have 3 large (4inches) and 3 medium ( 3inches) white knobby starfish left from my wedding in Mexico for sale.



20 Starfish candle holder plates/dishes


Large- $5.00each 
Xtra Large $6.00each
Used for wedding centerpieces.



Chinese paper lantern sizes and prices not all shown

XL-18inch-1 green 3 blue $3.00each
L-16inch-1 green 4 white $2.75each
M-14 ince- 1 green 1 white 2 blue $2.50each
S- 12inch- 2 green 1 blue $2.00each
XS- 10inch- 3 green 1 white $1.50each


2 blue xs battery operated-new $1.00each

4 battery lights with clips to the first buyer free (homemade to hang in laterns to light them up)

Destination wedding items


40 personalized plastic Mayan Riviera Mexico Pens with starfish design for destination wedding gift bags $.075 each 

Decorative paper with starfish design- two types
1) 2 new packs of 20 sheets each-total 40 sheets- $1.00 each pack
2) 36 stationary pages with starfish design- $4.00 for all 
Pre-travel magnets for destination wedding $0.25cents each 
Maraca Tags- $0.10 cents each over 350 of them 
Table number cards- Table 1 to Table 20 plus Head Table card-starfish theme- $10.00 for all 


Starfish Rhinestone Bouquest Jewelery


2 stems used in wedding bouquet once.

$10 for both
$T2eC16dHJI!FHR0ZvwY)BSK8GNeNfw~~48_14.JPG$T2eC16ZHJGsFFMuT-32DBSK8IHg(Iw~~48_14.JPG Starfish garter and throw garter/blue and white    used once by another bride, i bought and forgot to use-$10 for both Blue and white starfish garter and throw garter image0 Starfish glass vases- used for centerpieces   Starfish glasses(clear with blue starfish)- 19 tall($2.00each) and 7 short ($1.50 each) used twice  

$(KGrHqZ,!lgFIf2wK+mNBSMLiM1kV!~~48_14.JPGSeveral White Knobby Starfish, Conch and Sea Shells image0

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