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Maui or Big Island

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Hi, we are planning on having a wedding in either Maui or Big Island. Can anyone suggest which is better for a smaller (15 people) wedding. Which island is cheaper for a wedding. What are the pros/cons of the two islands? I have never been to Hawaii so any information would help. If you have suggestions for other islands please let me know. The reason why I chose Maui and Big Island is because my friend's recommended it.


Thank you in advance.



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Jenny, where did you finally decide to be married, Big Island or Maui? We're planning a wedding for my daughter on the leeward coast of the Big Island - Kohala coast or Kona. It's breaking our budget and we need the experiences of others. Can you give some advice? Thanks


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Hi Mother Phyllis,

TA Wendy here.. I myself was married on the Big Island on the Kohala coast.

Can I be of help to you?

How many guests are you expecting and what is your chosen resort?

I would be glad to offer any advice and assistance I am able!

You can message or contact me here or directly at Wendy@wrighttravelagency.com.

Best regards,

TA Wendy

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