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Hi everyone,

I am getting married in Italy next summer and I am looking for some advice on STD wording.  We are going with a postcard style and here is what I have so far for the back of the card.  Is putting both dates acceptable?  We will not be sending out a formal invitation to Italy as we only expect immediate family and close friends to attend.  Is that ok? Opinions and advice would be great. 


Well, itâ€s really happening.

Of course, you wouldnâ€t expect us, to do the usual would you?

That would be too easy! So…


Please save these dates.
The week of Saturday June 28th
2014 to Saturday July 5th
To join us as we formalize our bond, in Fano, Le Marche, Italy.

Saturday August 9th 2014
For a wedding celebration BBQ (Formal Invitation to Follow)

With love,
Daniel & Natalie





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I think it is amazing :) It gets all the information they will need, as well as keeping it simple and to the point.


Will you be having a website, so they can have further information as needed? (since your not sending out a formal invite)

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