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Magnetic Postcard STD's

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#1 Jenny2014

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    Posted 11 May 2013 - 05:49 PM

    Weeee! Just put together my magnetic postcard save the dates!


    Will post pictures and final cost breakdown tomorrow once I get envelopes and put them all together!


    These have been a few weeks in the making. I put together the template multiple times, but I just wasn't loving how they were turning out when they were printed. Glossy postcards printed at Kinko's made ALL the difference.

    #2 Jenny2014

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      Posted 13 May 2013 - 06:44 PM

      Alright, so this was my first DIY project!

      After seeing everybody's beautiful boarding pass STD's, I decided I wanted to do that for my invites. So I just wanted to keep the STD's fairly simple, but still fun.


      My first big excitement was going to vistaprint and getting our return labels and envelope stickers. As I was ordering them, I stumbled upon a save the date template I fell in love with. I thought it was sooooooo cute and just wanted to use it. So.... I made it, and just saved the image! Ordering them from Vistaprint would have just been far too expensive. Especially since, at that point, I thought I was going to be sending out a fairly large amount.



      This was my first template. I used a picture from our vacation at Dreams as the background. After many alterations, including saving, resaving, and editing and saving again, I FINALLY landed on a final image:



      After creating this image, I knew I wanted it as a postcard size, so I downloaded a postcard temple for word.





      It took a bit of finesse to get it to print within the proper lines, etc. But I finally got there.


      My original idea was just to print it on cardstock. However, after doing that, I just wasn't happy. The colour wasn't as bright as I wanted, and it just look cheap.



      So, I had seen glossy postcard paper at Staples and decided to try that out. My parents tried to print it off at their work, but the margins weren't working to allow them to do it. So they took it to CANcopy to have it professionally printed. Honestly, BEST decision and I am glad they did it. The comparison between the two is just incredible!







      So to create the glossy postcard, I used items from the Dollarstore and Staples.









      All those combined, equals:



      Now I had to find a way to send them! I didn't just want to send them in a plain white envelope. I finally found a pretty purple envelope at the Dollarstore. It came with a purple card as well, but I just kept that out and put the STD in the envelope, along with a personal message from Amir and I regarding us sending the invites out shortly, as we have secured a deal on a package that requires our guests to put down a deposit by the end of August.


       <---- please excuse my ugly table. We have been "refinishing it" for about 2 years..... so it just has a table cloth on it and we ignore it hahaha.





       <--i didn'd end up using these, as it looked to "kid crafty"







      Cost breakdown:


      Cardstock 1   (from bigger package)
      Business Card Magnets 10   Staples    
      Postcard Glossy Paper 14   Staples    
      Super Glue 5   Staples    
      Sticker Decoration 2   Dollarstore  
      Purple Envelopes 3   Dollarstore  
      Glitter Glue 2   Dollarstore  
      Paint Brushes 1.5   Dollarstore  
      Colour Copying 14   CANCopy Printing    
      White Mailing Labels 1   Dollarstore  
      Stamps   0   Parents bought    
      Return Labels 2   Vistaprint (part of bigger order)    
      Envelope Seal Stickers 3.5   Vistaprint (part of bigger order)    


      In total, cost me $59 for my STD's, and some of it from purchasing unnecessary items, and through trial and error.


      In the end, had I know the cost of this trial and error, I would have just ordered them from Vistaprint. However, I didn't know (at the time), I would be reducing my guest list from 90 to 23! So that changed a lot of things! And I now have a LOT of extra postcard glossy paper with my STD on it haha. Oh well!


      Hope you guys enjoyed, and like! Feel free to leave a comment :)


      ~ Jenny


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