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Ana y Jose Beach Club Bride 2013

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#1 PickyBride2013

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    Posted 21 March 2013 - 03:20 PM

    Hi Ladies, 


    So after researching.... more researching and more researching, we have decided to get married at Ana y Jose Beach Club on December 1, 2013, Any one get married there? 


    Getting Excited! 

    #2 DeeFidler

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      Posted 09 June 2013 - 10:53 PM

      Hello, I recently just did a site visit and food tasting at ana y jose beach club and i am trying to decided if i choose this location. I would love any information or tips you have gained durning your wedding planning. I have looked for recent reviews but cant find very many post. 


      Right now i am just in the process of get a quote from Jackie. They seem a lot more expensive then some other venue i have looked at, so will have to wait and see what she comes back with. 


      What made you choose ana y jose for a wedding venue? 


      Look forward to sharing information. 


      Happy planing. 



      #3 PickyBride2013

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        Posted 11 June 2013 - 05:57 AM



        I am planning on getting married there December 1, 2013. I also had a really hard time finding information and pictures. We are dealing with Claudia, and have yet to get a formal quote, which is slightly concerning. Have you done much planning yet?


        What other locations are you deciding between?


        Happy planning



        #4 DeeFidler

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          Posted 12 June 2013 - 09:48 AM

          Hello Kelsey


          I am still in the begging stages of planing my wedding. We getting married in 1.5 year from now. However i just got back from playa del carmen to do site visits for the big day. We i was down there i went to Blue Venado and Ana y jose beach club. 


          First I will tell you about Ana y jose beach club. We i first started emailing places for information they did not reply or get back to me quickly. 

          There are 2 wedding planners. Claudia (who i had my food tasting with) and then Jackie. Claudia told me she was the on site wedding planner and Jackie was more the office side of planing, quotes email ect... So far i would rate their email correspond has been a 5/10. Also their prices are quite expensive but they also have a really nice venue and good food. 


          I worked in the restaurant industry so good food and drinks are important to me. Claudia had every dish i requested to try and it was all 5 star food. Their service was outstanding. totally night and day from Blue Venado. Claudia was very professional and writing things down and looking up pictures to create my vision of my wedding day. 


          The venue is very clean and well cared for. Here are some of the major selling points for me for this venue.



          - Has a kids play area and inclosed trampoline ( we are hiring a baby sitter to help watch the kids so our guest can relax's) 

          - There is an onsite bridal sweet to get ready in. I like the idea of getting ready onsite and hiding in the room until the guest all arrive. The suite is spacious and even has a steamer for your wedding dress. Big mirror, big bed, nice washroom and big patio which is nice enough for photo's once your bridal party is ready. I plan to do some photo's onsite before the guest arrive to cut down on photo time after ceremony.

          - There are 2 washrooms area and are nice and clean.   

          - Nice area under trees for small receptions or cocktail area ( I would use it for cocktail hour)

          - Palapa is very grand and even if it rained your guest wouldn't get wet. One set of washrooms is directly connected to main Palapa. 

          - The beach area is stunning and they have some beautiful palm tree's onsite. 



          - Its a far drive from the hotel we are inviting our guest to stay. We would have to transfer our guest for an 1 hr journey. 

          - I wanted fire dancer for entertainment. Jackie told me that their venue is not allowed fire dancers ( kinda found that weird) 


          Over all there are way more pro's then con's for me however i also think they are going to be way more expensive then blue venado, which with also be another con depending on what quote jackie gives me.   


          If you want me to share details about blue Venado just let me know and I can share details about my recent site visit there. 


          I just recently learned of the Al ceilo location when i read your post. I wish i had found it earlier cause i would have visited while i was down there. Why did you choose Ana y jose over Al ceilo?


          Im just in the process of emailing them for information and see what there prices are like. Any information you can share on this venue would be amazing. 


          How many people you expecting to be at your wedding? I am expecting 40-60 hard to say this early in the planning. But i do think we have closer to 60. 


          Look forward to chatting with you 



          #5 PickyBride2013

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            Posted 23 July 2013 - 08:39 AM

            My Apologies Danielle for not getting back to you sooner about the wedding locations. Both Ana y Jose and Al Cielo are beautiful locations and both have great food. I would say that if you are a foodie, that that food at Al Cielo is more gourmet and amazing! It was a tough decision between the two locations but either way I think that they both would be nice. If you private message me, I will be more than happy to share details and pictures from both Al Cielo and Ana y Jose. I agree with the majority of our cons and do think that the pros out weigh the cons. 


            Again sorry for the delayed response, life has been busy and I have put the wedding planning down for a bit. 



            #6 DeeFidler

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              Posted 09 August 2013 - 12:59 PM

              No worries. I am in the same boat. wedding planning as taken a back seat for the last couple months. 


              However i have had some updates. As much as a loved ana y jose for a wedding venue they were asking way to much for wedding i wanted. They don't have packages and charge for everything al la cart. So they ended up being out of my price range. 


              But i have been in contact with Andres for Al cielo and he has been great at responding and providing me detailed quote's and is much more reasonable on price:) we are actually going down next month to have a site visit and food tasting. I m very excited. 


              I hope your wedding planing is going good and ana y jose has gotten back to you. 


              Best of luck with your wedding planning. 



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