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  1. I am really interested in the details about the Churro cart. Can you please provide me with details. Thank you Kelsey
  2. My Apologies Danielle for not getting back to you sooner about the wedding locations. Both Ana y Jose and Al Cielo are beautiful locations and both have great food. I would say that if you are a foodie, that that food at Al Cielo is more gourmet and amazing! It was a tough decision between the two locations but either way I think that they both would be nice. If you private message me, I will be more than happy to share details and pictures from both Al Cielo and Ana y Jose. I agree with the majority of our cons and do think that the pros out weigh the cons. Again sorry for the delayed response, life has been busy and I have put the wedding planning down for a bit. Kelsey
  3. Hey I am planning on getting married there December 1, 2013. I also had a really hard time finding information and pictures. We are dealing with Claudia, and have yet to get a formal quote, which is slightly concerning. Have you done much planning yet? What other locations are you deciding between? Happy planning Kelsey
  4. Hi Ladies, So after researching.... more researching and more researching, we have decided to get married at Ana y Jose Beach Club on December 1, 2013, Any one get married there? Getting Excited!
  5. Thanks so much for sharing, I find this very helpful!
  6. Hi You did a fantastic job! I was wondering where you got the Canadian Code of Arms Symbol. I have completed my template and I just really need to Canadian Arms to finish the job off. I would really appreciate your help!
  7. Hi Ladies, I am trying to decide between Al Cielo and Ana y Jose beach Club for our wedding. We are planning on staying at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe. Both places look great and each have a set of pros and cons. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and if their was anyone else getting married there this year. My thoughts: Al Cielo Pros - close to the Barcelo (10mins) - beautiful beach - everyone has had amazing food reviews Cons - can't have dinner on the beach - no trees on the beach Ana y Jose Pros - beautiful tree on the beach for the ceremony to be around - awesome grape trees to have your reception under - lounge furniture on the beach already - beautiful beach - everyone has had amazing food reviews Cons - far from the Barcelo (45-60 mins) - food reviews okay (but I have been there and it was tasty) I would love to here some comments!
  8. Ladies, I have emailed the Bacelo 2x in the last two weeks to get information about the wedding packages etc and see what they had available in November 2013. Does anyone have a WC email address, so I can email them directly. Every other resort I have emailed has responded in a timely manner. Thanks ladies.
  9. thanks Lynda, thats awesome! If you were to replace the Secrets and Excellence Riviera Cancun recommendations with child friendly resorts, what would be your next two picks? We have a few little ones in the family:)
  10. Hi Everyone, In my endless research on trying to decide on a resort, I have came across many wedding pictures that are awesome. When I look at the pictures I think either that bride did a million DIY projects, or they hired a professional. I am not sure if the professional was just the resort coordinator or if these brides hired a wedding coordinator not affiliated with the resort. So my question is.... Would you recommend hiring an outside wedding coordinator or just utilize the resort coordinator?? I would love everyone's thoughts and recommendations. Thank you in advance.
  11. Thanks Lynda for your words of encouragement! Does the team at MTM have any favourite all-inclusive resorts? and pictures of recent weddings?
  12. Congrats on your wedding going awesome. I was wondering if you could post some pictures or send them to me in a private message. Where was your wedding location? What resort did you stay at (ie, grand, lindo or maya?). How was the overall food for your wedding and in general at the resort? Thanks
  13. Hi Ladies, Thank you so much for your comments, they are truly appreciated. We do have a travel agent that we are working with and right now we are deciding between the following results: Azul Beach or Azul Fives - Pros: food will be great, small so no guest will be overwhelmed with the size, beach looks nice and you don't have to make reservations for dinner. Cons: resorts look a little plain and not very tropical (not as good for photos, and resorts doesn't look that exciting for kids. Iberstar Parisido (Beach, maya, grand, or lindo) - Pros: beach looks nice, the resorts looks awesome. Cons: wedding might not be very intimate and I am very concerned about the food, as most people would not being staying at the grand. Barcelo Maya Deluxe: Pros: the resorts looks awesome. Cons: wedding might not be very intimate, not sure about the food, and I am not sure about the beach. Dreams Puerto Aventuras: Pros: I think the food should be good, dolphin swim would be good for people with kids, small and intimate. Cons: Heard mixed reviews. I would loved to see pictures are hear people's thoughts about these resorts. Thank you
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