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Newbie Bride for Barcelo May 2014

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Hello Ladies, Does anyone have an itinerary for a 3 hour reception? We have chosen the Mint Breeze Package at Barcelo Maya Palaxe Deluxe. I am currently on stage 3 of planning and would like some advice on the reception. Thanks for the help Stacy

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Hello fellow brides,


I just got back from my wedding, and thought it's only proper to write a review right away, since I found it so useful to read other people's reviews when I was preparing for my own wedding.

My now husband proposed to me back in July, and we were married on January 31, 2014 at the Barcelo Maya Tropical resort. I sent out invitations mid August, and have them RSVP'd by mid November. We had 16 people in our wedding (very private), and used the Mint Breeze package. For the live music we used the Sax (it was accompanied by the keyboards, which was a bonus), it was absolutely amazing! we had 4 songs (one for the groom, and all the wedding party, one for me, one for the signing of documents, and one at the end; you can pick the timings yourself). For the songs I picked as follows: Songbird by Kenny G; Unchained melody; Besame mucho; and Somos Novios.. all very romantic, and brough both myself and my fiancee in tears.

The minister spoke perfect english, and the ceremony was very beautiful. We had the legal ceremony, and did the blood work and all at the resort. My experience was very pleasant, the best and the less painfull blood work I've ever had in my life! I didn't even notice a pinch!

Our ceremony was at sunset, started at 5, went on till about 5:35-5:40, then we had some shots by the beach (the ceremony location was Palmeras beach at the Tropical hotel). The hotel staff block off the beach area just for the wedding, so there's no one wandering out and about. There were few people on the beach, also looking, and taking pictures but didn't bother me at all!

We also had the cocktail (it's not included in the package), but since it was only $16/pp for an hour and we only had 16ppl it was well worth the money spent (they set up a bar, Mexican themed appetizers (we picked), and music; all included in the price! great deal i found!)

For the reception we have moved to one of the conference rooms. When my WC Tania showed it to me few days before I was a bit disappointed, as it seemed a bit too dark, but when we walked in on the wedding day, it was everything and more what I have ever pictured. They set it up so nicely, it's unbelievable the transformation effect the room had!

Our colors were hot pink and orange, my bridesmaids were in purple, so very vibrant!

If i can give you an advice is to spend money on Hupa! best decision I've made, those flowers were absolutely gorgeous, fresh!

My and my bridesmaids bouquets were beautiful, colors vibrant!

We used Styling trio to do our hair and make up. I found Adrian and his helper absolutely amazing! those guys did fantastic job and we looked like we walked off the magazine cover (but natural at the same time).

For the photos, we used Jaime Glez photography. I will shortly write a full review on him and his wonderful wife Magda. They were absolutely amazing and their prices are so reasonable for the quality and the amount of pictures you receive! He covered the getting ready, ceremony, coctails, reception, and the following morning we had the 3 hrs of sunshine pictures!) we got the best of both worlds getting the sunset and bright sun pictures!

Oh, one more thing, we used the hotel DJ. I didn't mind him personally, but my fiancee didn't like him at all. We gave him a list of songs we wanted, he only played 25% of them, the rest he picked himself, and they weren't that great. I have also asked him to MC couple of games during the reception, he said it was the first time he had to do those, but I give him props for trying and doing a good job at it.

I'm sure I will later think of something else, if you have any questions please ask, I'll be happy to answer!

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I am so excited!!!


Exactly 8 months today I will be marrying my Best Friend.


We have also booked our Photographer, We did our homework and comapred $$Prices and the Art work in pictures. We decided to fly out a photographer from L.A. with us, her work in pictures is stunning and her prices are unbelievable.



My Wedding coordinator is Xhail and she sent me the  Banquet Room Menu for us to choose from when we have booked the Strawberry Package.

Did anyone else receive the same Menu?


:) shots.gif


Hi! I chose the Strawberry Passion as well, and I received the "gala menu" to choose from.

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