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  1. Hello Ladies, I bought these 4 large seashells a while back and have decided not to use them for my wedding. My destination wedding is on hold so it's my loss and your gain. Diameter: 5" - 6" across They are pretty big and use your wrist to fingers as a measurement. I'm willing to ship these anywhere in the U.S. for a reasonable cost. Please send me a message if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. Hi ladies, I.m currently in playa del Carmen and did a day pass today to barcelo. I met with Lilliane, one of the wc, and she showed us a few wedding location. I will post photo's of the location and where it's located when I return home in 1-2 days. The day pass was $77 usd and we were able to use the pool and buffets. It gave us an idea of the property, food, and beach area. Happy planning to everyone!
  3. Hello All, I narrowed down my DW location to Barcelo for my beach ceremoney and reception. However, we stopped planning for a few months and now we are heading to PDC to visit and get a better feel before we finalize everything. Are there any other AI resort that offers a "BEACH RECEPTION" OPTION? I checked and it looks like there was only Barcelo and The Royal PDC. I don't want to book the RPDC since it's adults only. Majority of the resorts have the reception inside one of the a la cartes or private dining. I don't want this and prefer a private beach reception at the AI. Please let me know if there are other resorts that does offer a beach reception? I prefer it to be close in proximity to PDC however if not it's ok. Thanks!
  4. Beautiful photo's! I've looked into hiring a photographer as well but it's not within my budget.
  5. Hi ShaunB I have their info from a local wedding coordinator. The place is beautiful and I considered having my reception there however it was out of my budget. Msg me and I can forward it to you.
  6. lilpbc

    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    Beautiful!!!! I'm planning to do boarding passes as well.
  7. lilpbc

    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    Great to see all the 2014 brides! I was planning for a while for my 2014 date as well but stopped. I will get back into after I have my airfare and resort included.
  8. Awwww I haven't been in here for the longest time. I stopped planning for awhile but will get back into it once I get my airfare and stuff booked. Great to see you ladies in here planning!
  9. Mel - Thanks so much! I'm planning to get married in May 2014 so I will let my guests know of this. When did you start booking for your airfare and hotel?
  10. I'm looking to add bubba kegs to my guests OOT bags. Should I purchase the ones with handles or no handles? I'm thinking no handles so it's easier to stack them in the suit cases. Thoughts?
  11. Julie I forgot to add the $77 is just the day pass. If you exceed your wedding package people then it's another $27 or $66 per person for the wedding reception. So you're paying two fee's for outside guests.
  12. Quote:Originally Posted by julie1025 Hi Brides! I'm having some guests that are not staying at the Barcelo hotels. The WC is telling me that I have to pay $500 for them plus the dinner??! Has anyone encountered this problem? The $500 is for Vendors such as a photographer and a videographer. As for the guests only to attend the wedding it's $77 per person. Here is the information: http://www.unofficial-barcelo-maya.com/userfiles/file/FAQ.pdf
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by gilmana $15 per restaurant visit Thank You.