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  1. Hello Ladies, I bought these 4 large seashells a while back and have decided not to use them for my wedding. My destination wedding is on hold so it's my loss and your gain. Diameter: 5" - 6" across They are pretty big and use your wrist to fingers as a measurement. I'm willing to ship these anywhere in the U.S. for a reasonable cost. Please send me a message if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. Hi ladies, I.m currently in playa del Carmen and did a day pass today to barcelo. I met with Lilliane, one of the wc, and she showed us a few wedding location. I will post photo's of the location and where it's located when I return home in 1-2 days. The day pass was $77 usd and we were able to use the pool and buffets. It gave us an idea of the property, food, and beach area. Happy planning to everyone!
  3. Hello All, I narrowed down my DW location to Barcelo for my beach ceremoney and reception. However, we stopped planning for a few months and now we are heading to PDC to visit and get a better feel before we finalize everything. Are there any other AI resort that offers a "BEACH RECEPTION" OPTION? I checked and it looks like there was only Barcelo and The Royal PDC. I don't want to book the RPDC since it's adults only. Majority of the resorts have the reception inside one of the a la cartes or private dining. I don't want this and prefer a private beach reception at the AI. Please let me know
  4. Beautiful photo's! I've looked into hiring a photographer as well but it's not within my budget.
  5. Hi ShaunB I have their info from a local wedding coordinator. The place is beautiful and I considered having my reception there however it was out of my budget. Msg me and I can forward it to you.
  6. Beautiful!!!! I'm planning to do boarding passes as well.
  7. Great to see all the 2014 brides! I was planning for a while for my 2014 date as well but stopped. I will get back into after I have my airfare and resort included.
  8. Awwww I haven't been in here for the longest time. I stopped planning for awhile but will get back into it once I get my airfare and stuff booked. Great to see you ladies in here planning!
  9. Mel - Thanks so much! I'm planning to get married in May 2014 so I will let my guests know of this. When did you start booking for your airfare and hotel?
  10. I'm looking to add bubba kegs to my guests OOT bags. Should I purchase the ones with handles or no handles? I'm thinking no handles so it's easier to stack them in the suit cases. Thoughts?
  11. Julie I forgot to add the $77 is just the day pass. If you exceed your wedding package people then it's another $27 or $66 per person for the wedding reception. So you're paying two fee's for outside guests.
  12. Quote:Originally Posted by julie1025 Hi Brides! I'm having some guests that are not staying at the Barcelo hotels. The WC is telling me that I have to pay $500 for them plus the dinner??! Has anyone encountered this problem? The $500 is for Vendors such as a photographer and a videographer. As for the guests only to attend the wedding it's $77 per person. Here is the information: http://www.unofficial-barcelo-maya.com/userfiles/file/FAQ.pdf
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