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Just a question or two for your fellow brides & brides to be.. who have used printing companies before


Has anyone used Magcloud? I guess it is like Vistaprint but allows you to create more magazine/digest style things. I'm in the middle of creating my very own magazine for the welcome bags, to bring it all together, instead of having 15 different pieces of paper..

If you've used Vistaprint. How do you get good deals? How have people done the tops of the Emergency Kits, Hangover Kits, etc, that stuff? Even the pens! I looked at prices, they're crazy expensive, then I read brides doing it for free! HOW?!


Anywhere, here is what I'm thinking for my magazine (feel free to give me your opinions, thoughts, suggestions, your questions)


-thank you note

-interview of B&G about wedding planning

-fun facts about Hawaii (our Wedding Destination)

-proposal story

-Hawaiian words & their meanings

-word search

-cross word

-reviews on places/activities (since we've been before)

-a list of must see&do

-our itinerary of the wedding weekend

-list of phone numbers (i.e hotel, reception, taxi, shuttle)

-a map of the island & a close up on the main town we're staying

-a few stupid stories like magazine do::

*my groom wants me to do a silly winter story since we'll be in paradise in August & when we get back winter will be around the corner

*like the magazines do "who wore it better" but my face on wedding dresses & have my face on them to make them think what gown i'll be in

*famous people & their engagement rings & then mine

*a story on the road to Hana **A must do while in Maui!!**


I will also be posting my save the dates & how I asked my MOH & MNOH :)


Thank you!


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