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Settling on a Kauai Wedding Coordinator and other concerns...

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Hey All!! I am currently in the thick of selecting my Kauai Wedding Coordinator and my head is spinning. My proposed wedding date will be in Oct. 2013, my location will be the Kaihiwai Valley Waterfall, and my party (should be) about 4-6 people.


I have found various websites/coordinators online that are offering simple wedding packages that are just what i'm looking for, but my problem is ..how do i choose the right one? Many of these coordinators do not have any reviews on Yelp or other reputable reviewer sites which is making it quite difficult for me to commit to one. The wedding package i am interested in is quite simple and affordable and would include such essentials such as unlimited communication with wedding coordinator, marriage license assistance, a photographer, etc. Of course, i most certainly would appreciate a package that also includes affordable frills such as rose petals down the aisle and music playing in the background....but i won't get too ahead of myself.



So, now i am turning to you girls!!! If you know of any reliable wedding coordinators that you yourself have counted on or that you have heard of please let me know.  Any advice you could offer me in regards to getting married in Kauai would be absolutely welcomed as well...


ALSO, the wedding coordinators i have listed below are the "final 3" that i have narrowed it down to. Please let me know if you have heard anything negative or good about any of them.


-Island weddings and blessings


-Waterfall weddings and events


-Kauai Kai Weddings



Another concern i am having is that only one of the above mentioned coordinators offers 4wd transportation into the wedding site (which is required) and the other two do not, meaning that i would have to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the wedding party to be transported in and out of the wedding location...This sounds like an inconvenience to me.... let me know what you think about this. Is it worth it to pick a coordinator solely based on the fact that they offer that transportation service to and from the waterfall?



Any and All feedback is welcome!!!


Thanks :)

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Hi Karina and welcome! I'm unfortunately not familiar with Wedding Coordinators in Hawaii, but I would suggest reaching out to a travel agent. Wright Travel agency is owned by the owner/creator of BDW and is a great resource. Here's some info that I'm pasting from one of Tammy's previous posts to a bride looking for a travel agent.




You might want to try one of the BDW Travel Agents.  We Specialize in Destination weddings.  You can contact us HERE!


If you do not know what TA you want to work with, just fill out the form Contact a Destination Wedding Specialist HERE and they will direct you to the best agent that fits your needs.


You can read some of our reviews here: Wright Travel Agency ~ Destination Wedding Specialist Reviews HERE.


Good luck!

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I used a Wedding Coordinator that is not listed and she was fantastic.  Kaye at Maile Weddings. I used her for day of coordination, she was extremely responsive to all of my inquiries leading up to the wedding with recommendations and such.  She met us on-site before the wedding to review logistics, the day before the wedding for the rehearsal and stopped by the house in the morning to drop off the flowers for my hair.  I was so happy with Kaye, she really helped me navigate the tough parts and reduced my stress level.  I highly recommend her. She has many contacts around the island, so I am sure she can trouble shoot any concerns you may be having (transportation). I would give her a call to discuss your needs and she if she can accommodate them. 

Best of Luck!

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