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"Your Moments" Wedding Package Questions

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Hi.  This is our first post to this forum.  It has been a great resource so far for us in planning our Now Jade Wedding.


To start out, we have booked our wedding date at the Now Jade after a lot of research and thought.  We are on a semi-limited budget but we still wanted to do a destination wedding. It is just important to us to have a great time with our great friends and family in paradise.  We know will make it a good time no matter what. With that being the case we have chosen the Now Jade for our November 2013 wedding with the "Your Moments" wedding package.  Because we are realistically expecting about 50 guests, the Eternity & Devine packages do not seem to be a good fit for us since we would have to pay a lot more to add the additional 25 people (since only 25 are included).  With this being the case, we are going with the "Your Moments" package.  This does not include a formal dinner.


We are wondering if anyone has had their wedding at the Now Jade resort but just went with the "Your Moments" wedding package?   We are looking for feedback from people that have also chosen this package and to see if they added any type of dinner or reception or cocktails or dancing, etc.?  We want to offer something to our guests and are looking for some ideas that we maybe are not thinking of.  Currently we are thinking of doing hors d'oeuvres the night before the wedding in the lobby bar area, then the ceremony the next day.  For dinner that night we are going to do a reserved area in the buffet so that our guests have options on food choices.  We are a variety of tastes in our group.  Then we are looking into having dancing on one of the terraces with a DJ.


Any tips, input, suggestions, or ideas would be appreciated.



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