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  1. I would NOT suggest cutting down the appetizers. We paid for all of our 32 guests and they were all gone in less than 15-20 mins. You do not really get all that much.
  2. It is never to early to setup the booking with the DJ. If you are using the resort DJ (AVI Solutions) your wedding planner at the resort can handle that for you. If you use the resort DJ, the charges for the DJ will be put on your final wedding invoice.
  3. As an FYI, spiced rum was not the easiest to come by when we were there. We had a few people in our group that wanted it that could not always find it or if they did it was not the best. They are Captain Morgan fan and the resort does not carry that. I'm sure if it's your signature drink that can arrange some type of spiced rum though.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 @AdamShannon that is good to know. I think we're going to bring down our own chair sashes, possible a few table runners and minimal decoration. We'll also be flying with our 18 month old though, so depending on how full luggage starts to get we might have to readjust! We'll only have 25 at the most and I'm just concerned it will look empty if we don't do something a little extra. I go back and forth. I haven't been in touch with anyone from the resort though so I'm not 100% sure what the rooms look like or their sizes. I'd suggest that you start contacting the resort sooner than later. The contact will be sparse when you are that far away from the date but I feel its very important/helpful. As the date gets closer, the contact get more and more frequent. The wedding planners are so helpful and on top of things but the more you can figure out ahead of time the better off you will be. We had everything completely taken care of with them ahead of time so there were no surprises when we got there and met with them. The only things we had to choose then were the food choices for dinner at Capers and the exact flower and bow colors. Since we contacted the wedding planners ahead of time, we also were able to ask for our invoice a bit before to ensure the cost were what we expected.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 @AdamShannon Your pictures look great! So adorable! We're getting married November 21, 2014, so we'll be there around the same time that you were. We are also doing the eternity Package, but I wonder, did you bring alot of your own decorations and things down? We did not do any formal decorations. We did not want to have to worry about traveling with them and such. We already had one extra suitcase with out OOT bags, program fans and stuff and lots other wedding stuff in our carry-on's. To be honest you will not know if the decorations are even there or not. Since the location and atmosphere are so great, the decorations can get lost in the environment. In looking back, I'm glad we didn't waste the money on decorations. Also, since the tables and place settings are so decorative at all of the restaurants, there doesn't seem to be the need to add more, in my opinion. The only decoration type item that we paid for was bows on the chairs at the ceremony and the white wrap on the pergola and white chair covers. The colored bows added a lot, which we liked. Let us know if you have any more questions.
  6. We got back from our wedding trip a week ago. We traveled to the resort from 11/17/13 to 11/24/13. Our wedding was on Friday 11/22/13. All we can say is that everything was just perfect. Isela (our wedding planner) was on top of everything and the entire trip and wedding could not have gone any better. We were in contact with her early and often and that made it so easy once we arrived. The resort is amazing and the grounds are beautiful. We did the Eternity package because we wanted to customize things. The other packages did not seem to allow that as much plus the costs could have added up quickly if we were paying for each extra person over 25. We ended up with 32 total guests (counting us). Our ceremony was at the Pergola at 11AM. We then took tons of photos, grabbed a quick lunch, then even hit up the pool for a little, were most of our guests cooled off in the afternoon. We then had cocktails/appetizers in the Lobby from 4:30-5:30. Next we went to Capers for dinner (6pm-8pm). They gave us 2 large tables of 16 people each. It worked out very well. We wrapped up dinner and cake a little before 8pm. We then were supposed to head to the Carnival Terrace for our party/reception but due to a little afternoon rain Isela suggested/asked if we would move the party/reception to Castaways (she asked this during the cocktail hour). We said that was fine because we did not want to get wet if it rained anymore, which it did. Castaways was nice because it was a lot more private and it is a big space. We hired the resort DJ and we were happy with them. They played most of the songs we sent them ahead of time. We had to tell them when we want "things" to happen like the bouquet toss and garter toss, but it was no big deal. The DJ played great music overall. The party/reception was very important to us and our guests and everyone had a blast. We then had 3 hours of solid dancing (8pm-11pm). It was very hot in castaways, but since it was a last minute switch into this area, we did not have the option to get fans brought in. The space was nice though, especially because of the large bar in castaways. Here are a few pics from our day. We were lucky enough to have a family member along that did all of the photography for us. He did an amazing job. Please let us know if anyone has any questions for us.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Marta30 Hi Ladies- I know I should stay off of tripadvisor, but the most recent reviews have me terrified about having my wedding at Now Jade. Some of the pictures that have been posted make the resort look flithy! Dishes in the hallway rummaged by raccoons, moldy bedding on chairs by the pool, filty bathrooms. For the price that Apple Vacations is quoting to my guests, I will be mortified if it is truly this way. The pictures are really hard to dispute though. The most recent review said the bride and grooms ceiling and balcony collapsed???? I have read nothing but positive things on this forum, but like I said, hard to deny the pictures. Any honest feedback would be great! Thanks, Marta (Panicked Bride) We got back from our wedding trip a week ago and I can ensure you that there is nothing to worry about. There might be little things but in the big picture they are nothing. We had no bad experiences at all. Just go there with an open mind and have fun!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AnaSteele58 I asked the same question and the WCs haven't responded. I have the Pergola reserved but I'm fearful that its not handicap accessible. Someone please help! I have seen some pictures of the pergola area where is area the bride and groom would stand is at least a step or two down from the seating area. I'm not sure about getting to that general pergola area though.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by LandonO How many guests did you have? Congratulations newlywed! How many guest did you have? We are doing the divine package and I'm starting to get nervous that we will have more than 25 ppl. Any idea on the cost of additional guests? Thanks This is from a previous post regarding the extra costs if you go over 25 people: "Our wedding is in June and we are estimating about $100/per person above the 25 guests. That would include dinner, drinks, cocktail hour, cake, Champagne toast, and chair. That's a rough estimate!" I thought I heard it was between $80-$100 per extra person depending on a few variables.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by DesGanje No I have not am I supposed to? I thought that was given to you when you see Pilar in person. I have been working with Isela and we asked for it early so that there were not any surprises with the costs. It also helps serve as writen documentation of what you want/are expecting. It took a few emails back and forth to get it just right but it came together nicely and now I know exactly what to expect. I thought this was normally sent after you submit you final details 45 days prior.
  11. Any anyone clarify the $300 limit on "gifts" that can be brought into Mexico? I have read that each person is limited to $300 of gifts that can be brought in before you are taxed differently or something. If we are under $300 per person, do we still need to declare these items and are we taxed on them then?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by DesGanje Hello brides, We are getting married at the Now Jade in about four weeks, December 5th 2013. My question is if there is tax charged after you get all the things figured out with Pilar. My goal is to only include bridesmaid boquets and thats it. I have selected the divine package and have already paid the $500 deposit and would like to stay under $3000 total is that doable? But mainly is there tax on top of everything or is the tax included in the prices they give you? Did you receive your final invoice yet from the resort? That will show the cost break down, including tax on each item and any service fees. The prices listed in their wedding book and on their website do not include taxes. It notes them though in the fine print.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by christina111213 Any chance there are previous brides on here that shipped merchandise to the resort? I am thinking of shipping one box but am so nervous about something happening to it...would love any good or bad feed back please!! We were going to but we decided it was easier, cheaper, and safer to just pay for an extra suitcase on the trip. That we we have more control over it we feel.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by meggyducks I've left 4 emails & still no response over the last month I would really like to get a deposit down for next July, but I can't get anyone to help me! Any email or phone numbers would be welcome at this point, please. Thank you!! We have been working with Isela as of late and she has been very helpful and prompt to reply (within a few days). We leave for the Now Jade in less than a month so maybe that is why, but her she has been great. Her email address is weddings2.nojrc@nowresorts.com .
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