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Please help me! Cost of wedding?

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Originally Posted by La-am View Post


Thank you for your help! I had a dumb dumb moment and someone pointed out its listed in pesos on the website DUH! So it actually converts to about 62pp for the private party. Thanks for looking into that for me and sending the link! I really really appreciate it!

No prob!! Good luck and have fun with your planning!! cheesy.gif

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Hi La-am


It is very hard to put a ball park on what a destination wedding will cost as there are so many factors involved (location, type of ceremony, number of guests, private vs. semi-private etc). $10-20K is a great budget for 50 guests. Always remember that if floral is not important to you, then you can put that money towards a fantastic DJ (just as an example). Just remember that just because it is a destination wedding does not mean that it will instantly cost less - it is all about what you are looking for! We plan weddings for brides with budgets from $1000 and upwards and have seen it all.

Happy Planning!

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