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Figuring out where to have our wedding.......We chose Excellence Cancun -but it was a difficult decision!

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We love love Mexico. We got engaged down in beautiful and peaceful Tulum, Mexico at the hotel Cabanas Tulum.


If you have never been in that area of Mexico and you love peaceful, beautiful beaches, hotel rooms that allow you to feel like you are literally in paradise because the rooms have the option of balcony suites or ground hotel rooms that are steps from the ocean, you will love Tulum. We especially liked this hotel because the staff was so welcoming and friendly it was hard to leave! The minimal amount of people is for the best, it allows you to really be in tuned with the person you are with, to get to know them, enjoy the quiet and beauty around you, and to just be.


While my fiance and I were having our drinks on the cool bar  swing seats, we were talking about how people who need  to be around a lot of people and like loud and busy surroundings, wouldn't like Tulum because it is so laid back and of a relaxed environment. You make your own fun, you get to know yourself and your partner and its just such a rejuvenating experience.


Getting proposed to in the candle lit star lit sky, with only the sound of the ocean was perfect and just what I dreamed of. When I think back to that night of a delicious 5 course personalized dinner which my fiance picked out all the food for the evening and the chef at Ziggy's restaurant cooked  to our liking.


The way my fiance had the hotel staff set up the room to look like a princess was coming, was so wonderful. The hotel staff helped and made sure everything was done right and actually put effort and creativeness into it as well. How great is that?!


All in all is if you are interested in a place like Tulum, to walk the beaches and enjoy each other with not so many people around and to get to know nature and be free of the business of everyday life you will love this cute little town. We felt safe and at ease, and there was nothing that went wrong and everything that went right :)


If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!

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