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Azul Beach Hotel Bride - Help with Food Planning!

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When I go to a restaurant, I think their "specials" are often the best bet.......so, .....extending that to a country, when in Mexico, chances are good that the Mexican food will rock!  


Wishing you all the best and that your reception is "muy deliciouso"! and your guests are blown away! 

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Hi there!


I was married at a sister resort, and we did the Pick & Choose dinner for our reception/dinner event. I included photos & comments in my overall review of the resort (see the link in my signature).

The food was AWESOME. I think our wedding meal was one of the best I had during our stay.


I've also heard other Karisma brides say they liked the BBQ buffet and the Mexican buffet. I really don't think you can go wrong - Karisma resorts are known for the quality and presentation of their food.


If you have any specific questions about how the banquet packages work, please let me know - if I can answer them, I'm happy to do so!


Originally Posted by tblg View Post

So many options for a private event and can't seem to find reviews on the food option. Any thoughts/recommendations?

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