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The Royal Cancun 2013 Brides!!

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Congratulations on getting married! We are getting married May 17th 2013 at The Royal in Cancun and couldn't be more excited! I wanted to reach out to other brides-to-be and ask a few questions - hopefully for additional guidance!


My wedding coordinator has been accommodating - but it takes her days/weeks to get back to some of my questions. Any suggestions on how to get answers back quickly?


I was wondering if anyone has reviews on the DJ/Photographer at the site. We just booked Dormixx and requested a photographer - but am anxious to receive any tips on their performance or suggestions on how to make these processes easier!


We are thinking about upgrading to the lighted dance floor. It just looks so fun!


Any idea if the staff sets up the decorations you bring for the wedding - and if you are responsible for picking them up at the end of the night? I am also curious if other brides spent money on extra decorations for the reception through the resort.


Any suggestions on good spots for the after party following the reception? I'd like to add this to my agenda!


I haven't booked the food, flowers, etc. I am assuming I have to do that relatively soon - but haven't heard back. Any suggestions on the best options?


Happy planning and best wishes to all!

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