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Hi, I have set a date for my wedding in June at DRC cant wait!! I am Looking for information on what day I have to arrive for the legal ceremony. If I am getting married on a Monday do I have to be at the resort on Monday or Tuesday the week before? Thanks!

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Congrats Nicole2013 ! + welcome to our forum community :) This is what another bride posted in one of the threads......


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Re: Legal Ceremony or Symbolic Ceremony??

I also wanted to add that for legal ceremony u need to saty 4-5 days in mexico prior you date so if u will be getting married on a saturday let say ... u have to be in mexico by monday (weekends dont count )... my wedding is on a thursday so i needed to arrive to mexico friday .... this was my main reason for doing symbolic ceremony



so you're not the only one who was wondering about that.......fyi 


All the best with your plans and have a terrific wedding here in our magnificent Mayan Riviera ! 

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