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  1. My DJ was Jorge Chagoya. He was great. He sent us a form prior to arrival listing what we wanted for first dance, last dance, entrance song, etc. For the ceremony I don't think he did it I believe Lorena the coordinator did. We chose a song for people to sit down to, a song for me to walk down the aisle and a song for after. I gave Lorena my iPod and the playlist and think she played it directly from there. For the ceremony I gave Jorge our list printed out of songs we wanted for dinner and the dancing and he must have had everything because he played everything. For the menu we had ultimate package so we picked the following for dinner and it was all so good our guests were raving about it: Appetizer: ravioli filled with spinach served with tres cheese sauce ( this was my favorite and a lot of our guests too) Salad: snow crab cake with avocado and tomato dressing Entree: guests chose from beef tenderloin filled with vegetable julienne in red wine sauce or chicken filled with spinach and provolone Desert: peach cheesecake (everyone raved about this and I never even got to try it but everyone kept saying how great it was) For cocktail hour we ordered: Melon pearls with prosciutto, flower zucchini crepes, empanadas, beef kabobs with chimiichurri, tempura shrimp satay All these were great too For wedding cake we did the tres leches cake and it was also delicious.
  2. This post has been very informative to me during my planning process that I wanted to provide some feedback to my wedding. I was at Dreams for my wedding June 18th to the 25th and got married on the 24th. I left on the 25th and went to Excellence Playa Mujeres for another week and it was amazing there as well. So I will start with the basics. We had a total of 22 people. We were originally going to have wedding at the gazebo and cocktail hour at jacuzzi and reception on pool terrace. I wanted the pool deck but when I booked last November they advised I did not have 60 people so I would have to pay for the difference or take the pool terrace. We did a legal ceremony so we arrived the 3 business days before along with our witnesses. During the planning process I did not have much communication at all with coordinator, but I did not stress about this because my friend got married at a Dreams 3 years ago I was familiar with the process. I filled out the pamphlet they send you about 60 days before the wedding and emailed it back. I also filled out the legal doc they needed for the witnesses to have the legal ceremony and emailed that back. About 2 days before arriving at the resort I received an email from the coordinator acknowledging the pamphlet I filled out and then also advised that if I wanted I could have the pool deck like I originally wanted as long as I had my cocktail hour there as well since it is a large space for 22 people. I was so happy since that is what I originally wanted so I replied back immediately and agreed. I booked a master suite (I highly recommend this! This room was fantastic and had so much space and gorgeous views.). I wanted the master suite in building 2 so it was overlooking the gazebo and I could see ceremony setting up and guests arriving. The master suite came in handy for all the welcome bags we had for the guests. We ended up bringing 4 large suitcases, 1 rolly carry on bag and 1 over the shoulder carry on bag as well as the suit and dress. It worked out since we flew first class that we did not have too pay for any bags because each persons 1st 2 bags are free in first class. The master suite gave us plenty of room to make the bags up and really helped when we were getting ready the day of the wedding also. We arrived on a Tuesday and as soon as I arrived to the room my coordinator Lorena called me and asked how I liked my room and scheduled appt with me for the next day Wednesday at noon. We had to arrive with our witnesses for legal ceremony so they could copy their passports, etc. after that was done the witnesses left and we met with Lorena to go over every detail in the pamphlet I filled out. You can decide things up until that point so that was nice as we decided to change a couple of things. We also added the cold fireworks which I believe were 150 for 2 shots and it was amazing and came out amazing in our pictures that guests took. We also added the light up dance floor which I highly recommend also. The appt was so quick and easy. While we were in the office the nurse came in to take our blood for the legal ceremony. It was so quick and very clean. My husband was very nervous about this the whole time but it was very sanitary. During the meeting Karla from the spa came up and confirmed all the appts for my wedding party. It was so easy and everything was taken care of even for the last minute appts I decided to add. I also decided to add a trail hair appt for myself a few days before. My hair stylist was Victoria. I showed her a pic and it came out exactly like the picture. She was fantastic. Had I known she was so great I would have not done the trial. But it gave me peace of mind lol. She did my hair and makeup the day of the wedding and was fantastic. She spoke great English as well. The others in the salon seemed to have trouble communicating with their stylists. So I was lucky. During that meeting the dj also came up and we just printed a list of all the songs we wanted. He was great and it worked perfectly. We did not need to give him our iPod. My ceremony was at 5pm on Monday. I started the day with a massage at 11am and then my hair and makeup at 1. I was back and up at my room my around 3:15ish. My flower girls hair came out great as well. Everyone who got their hair and makeup done was so happy with how it turned out. My photographer was Anel and she was great and so nice! (I am still waiting for my photos to look at). I bought the photo package 3 so she went to the guys room around 4 for getting ready photos and then to my room by 4:30. Lorena picked me up at my room at 5 and brought us down. I will say if you are getting married at the gazebo be prepared for other people around the pool to watch and take pictures of you. I got married on a Monday so the resort seemed to be less crowded but the other weddings I watched during the other days were so crowded and so many people were standing around. This didn't bother me but I am sure would bother some people if you want privacy. So if you are looking for more private I would get married on the beach. I saw about 3 weddings a day except for 1 day. They really know what they are doing and are great. My wedding went perfectly and I don't think I would change anything. I honestly think the pool deck is the best location because it is more private than the pool terrace. So try to get the deck if you can. We were in Mexico a total of 2 weeks and we have perfect weather every day. There was a beautiful breeze at night and was gorgeous the night of the wedding. I couldnt have been happier with a everything and am so sad it is over. If I was to nit pick at anything the whole week it would be the temp in the rooms. Never seemed to get colder than 74 degrees. Some of our guests rooms were freezing but that was only a couple. And the only other thing I was upset about was that they never did the romantic turndown service the night of our wedding. That was kind of disappointing. Food was great too especially the wedding night. We chose a sit down dinner and picked fillet and stuffed chicken. It was great. I will say to Just please make sure your guests know the dress code for restuarants. We had a guest arrive and he didn't pack any pants or shoes so he was only able to get into El Patio, seaside grill, and oceana. Women dress code does not seem to be enforced. The only additional decorations we brought down was personalized napkins for cocktail hour, place card settings, a cake topper, and fans for the ceremony and the palm tree bottle opener wedding favors. I gave those to Lorena on our first meeting and she took care of it all!! I will be happy to answer any questions you have so just let me know. I am sure I forgot details that you might be interested in. I will say that if you get the chance to go to another resort for your honeymoon I Highly recommend excellence playa mujeres which is adult only. It was absolutely amazing in every way and I ended up doing my trash the dress photo shoot there also and those pics came out amazing. I was so sad to leave. Thanks!!
  3. Hi, Can you please send me the platinum menu. I only received silver and gold. My email is d82nikki@aol.com Thanks Nikki
  4. Hi, Can you please send me the platinum menu. I only received silver and gold. My email is d82nikki@aol.com Thanks Nikki
  5. So I emailed Caesar Mauricio to set him up for the dj for my wedding. He was booked so put me in contact with someone else recommended by the resort. His name is Jorge chagoya. He has been great and very responsive. Wondering if anyone has used him for the dj services and if they have any feedback? Thanks Nikki
  6. So I emailed Caesar Mauricio to set him up for the dj for my wedding. He was booked so put me in contact with someone else recommended by the resort. His name is Jorge chagoya. He has been great and very responsive. Wondering if anyone has used him for the dj services and if they have any feedback? Thanks Nikki
  7. Hi Lori I am having a legal ceremony in June. Would you mind sending me that legal form I am still waiting for Lorena to get back to me and want to get it started. My email is d82nikki@aol.com Good luck with everything and keep us posted on the outcome. I am sure everything will be beautiful. Thanks!!
  8. Hey Savs, I have booked the pool terrace so now so I am a little concerned about the Mexican night you mentioned. Do they do things like that every night of the week or was it only certain nights? Do you recall what day the Mexican night was? Thanks Nikki
  9. Getting married in June! Can't wait. I have read some things on the blog about bringing down items and going through customs. Does anyone have any insight on that or how they handled it? I am concerned because of all the items I have purchased so far for the receptions and the guests OOT bags. Thanks
  10. Hey Savs, just curious did you fly first class and they still wouldn't let you hang it? I'm getting married there in June and am flying first class just cause we are checking so many bags it ends up not being that much more. In first class they have closets so I am really hoping they let me hang it. Also I am assuming you had to put it through the scanners when going through security. Was there any issues with that at the airport? Thanks
  11. Yeah I'm having 40 and they told me I have to have 60 for the pool deck. So now I have to have the terrace. They said if there is no other wedding that day that I can have the location.
  12. Question for those that have done the Ultimate package. For the menu options for the sit down dinner Number 1, 2, etc it gives 2 entree choices and says "or". Do the guests get to select one of those 2 options there or do I have to select 1 for them to have and they get no choice?
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