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What do you need to know before your hire a wedding photographer.

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    Posted 17 August 2012 - 02:14 PM

    What do you need to know before your hire a wedding photographer.

    One of the first things you should do when you think you have found a photographer is to ask to meet them in person. This will be your chance to quiz the photographer. A professional photographer will be very much used to any questions you have for them and happy to answer any concerns so don’t be afraid to ask anything.






    Ask about everything:

    Questions to ask at this meeting are.


    1.   How many weddings has the photographer shot?

    2.   What equipment the photographer use? (This may mean nothing to you but take note of how confident the photographer is in their answer. Does it appear they know their gear inside and out?).

    3.   Does the photographer have backup if a camera or other piece of equipment was to break?

    4.   Does the photographer carry business insurance? (Many venues will not allow a photographer to work in their venue if they do not).

    5.   Is the person you are meeting actually your photographer on the day?

    6.   Is the work you are seeing their own?

    7.   See a whole wedding… or 2.


    Seeing a few nice shots from varies weddings is fine but anyone can get lucky and if they shoot 2000 photos and only get 1 nice shot that’s pretty worthless for your wedding day.

    Ask to see some album examples showing a whole wedding from start to finish. This will also give you a chance to ask some more questions on how they work to see if there style suits you and to make sure the work you see is there own. Look for a consistent standard of work no matter what the situation. You want your photographer to be able to produce a high standard of image in all lighting conditions and under any pressures.

    Use Internet reviews:

    The great thing about the Internet is that the word can be spread very quickly if there is rouge out there. Search not only for the company name but also the name of the photographer, as it is very possible they may have built a bad reputation under a previous name. Finding one bad review may not mean they are all bad but if it’s an on-going pattern then beware.





    Recommendations and referrals are the professions best friend. Any company worth considering will aim to always please and asking friends who are already married can give you that piece of mind.

    Ok so this article may sound a little doom and gloom. Wedding photography is not all bad and most of the photographers you will find and meet will be honest businesses with a passion for photography and a pride in their work. However there are rouges out there and taking simple steps and doing lots of research will help you spot them fast and not become a victim of there low standards and terrible service.


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